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Costa Bingo travel far and wide in new bingo lingo videos!

Have you ever wondered why the game of bingo has distinctive calls for each number or what they all are? Well, you’re in luck – because Costa Bingo are releasing a series of short video clips with the aim of documenting all 90 bingo calls in 90 videos and we love their use of varied […]


Four quick tricks that’ll let you travel sooner

Travellers have one thing in common, whether you’ve been bitten by the long-term travel bug or just desperate for a holiday – any holiday! – and that is the question of how to pay for it. Since the credit crunch many of us are (at least, we should be) a bit more wary of getting […]


Sri Lanka’s 20 best boutique hotels

Sri Lanka has bounced back from tsunamis, travel warnings and civil war. Here’s our pick of the best places to stay It has been ravaged by civil war, badly hit by the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, and had travel warnings imposed on it for 30 years by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. But Sri […]