Have you ever wondered why the game of bingo has distinctive calls for each number or what they all are? Well, you’re in luck – because Costa Bingo are releasing a series of short video clips with the aim of documenting all 90 bingo calls in 90 videos and we love their use of varied locations to do it!

Each of the videos is available to view on their YouTube channel – giving viewers access to a definitive guide to the bingo lingo wherever they might be.

For those interested in getting a sneak peak right now, check out one of our favourite videos – for number 64 – red raw! Although there are plenty of videos that use interesting locations and backdrops as their scene, we love this clip and how it manages to take the bingo call and deliver something really interesting.

The combination or raw meat and a roaring red fire are the perfect visual cue for those looking to remember this distinctive call and we love how this video managed to summarize the video in such a unique way.


You can find out more about the campaign on the Costa Bingo blog where plenty of other great information about the great game is published. Recent posts have covered everything from the firm’s fifth birthday to previewing the news that the brand’s top endorser and celeb Mel B will be joining the X-Factor judging panel next time round! Great news for the brand and all lovers of bingo.

As well as these posts, you’ll also find great access to online bingo games and useful information on how this game of chance grew into the British symbol it is today.