The great thing about being a traveller is: you’re never, ever alone. Whichever part of the world you venture to, you’re always bound to find like-minded people to share experiences and swap stories with.



What’s more, the fabulous thing about the Internet is you can meet these people online as well, and the travel community is truly booming online. Travel blogs are a fantastic and easy way to reach out to like-minded people, to share experiences, recommendations and travel trips, and find inspiration for your next adventure.


These are, for a variety of reasons, our FAVE travel blogs; we thought we’d get them out there to perhaps inspire fellow travellers (if our own blog hasn’t quite managed to do the job!).

1. Nomadic Matt

Probably the Big Daddy of travel bloggers, Nomadic Matt is definitely the Go-To man for travel tips, inspiration and advice!

2. Hippie in Heels

As Steve and I are planning our twelve months trip around the world, I’ve used this site a lot recently to research India, as it’s been on my hit list for ages now but I’ve still not made it over there.

This one of my absolute favourite blogs. Not only are Rachel’s posts informative, but they’re really funny and engaging, and I personally have learned a lot about India and some really useful travel tips from her blog – also, I’ve adopted “bat-shit crazy” as one of my all-time fave phrases! Cheers, Rachel!

3. Nomadic Samuel

A quirky blog written my Sam, the “culture vulture”, who has traveled the world for the last 6 years and who rates his chance of ever returning to North America as “slim to none!” Check out the amazing video of an Indian train ride feature in his About Me section.

4. That Backpacker

Audrey’s site I’ve found to be really useful-I’ve referred back to her articles on Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand several times whilst planning our trip, and find her writing to be honest and insightful.

5. Backpacking Travel Blog

6. Smiling Face Travel Photos

7. Wandering Earl

This dude has been at it (travelling, I mean!) since 1999! Which makes him living, breathing PROOF that you can make traveling your life. #inspiring

8. Y Travel Blog

Caz and Craig have been travelling since 1997! And what’s more, having kids hasn’t stopped them, as they’re still travelling now with their little girls in tow!


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