The Caribbean has long been a draw for British holidaymakers. About seven million people cruise around this area of the world every year. But do you know why? Of course, it looks beautiful, but there is much more to it than that. Let’s take a look at why cruising is the perfect way to experience the Caribbean.

It’s Sunny in Winter

For UK dwellers and North Americans, winter can be pretty miserable. But in the Caribbean, it’s all sun and heat and blue skies, making it the perfect place for a bit of winter sun to break up those miserable months. Being in the middle of the Caribbean Sea is one of the best things in the world when you know that it’s rainy and cold and miserable back at home.


It’s Geographically Designed for Cruising

There are many, many islands in the Caribbean, making it perfect for cruising. They’re spaced perfectly to allow you to see several on the same trip, and liners seem to arrive at a new island every morning.

Without a cruise ship, travel around the islands of the Caribbean can be difficult, and pricey, because it usually means flying. Cruising also means that you don’t have to keep packing and unpacking for various flights.

There’s a Variety of Cultures to Explore

The Caribbean has a rich colonial past that still has a really strong influence on life today. With islands with British, Hispanic, Gallic, Dutch and French Creole influences, you can experience a variety of different cultures. From plantation houses on Barbados to the Dutch colonial architecture of Curacao’s Willemstad, there’s lots to see, and without cruising you’d miss it!


The islands themselves are surprisingly diverse when it comes to the activities too. From discovering coral reefs off the coast of Grand Cayman to exploring the rainforest wildlife in St Lucia, families are spoilt for choice.

Private Islands

If you go at peak time, then it can sometimes feel like there are a lot of tourists. However, many cruise liners have their own private islands. This offers a break from all the other cruise liners and a relaxing day at the beach with your fellow cruise buddies.

So if you were under any doubt as to how best to see the Caribbean, you don’t now! If you want to see more than just one island, then cruising is for you.