When thinking about awesome vacation destinations, your first choices are probably Italy, France, Greece, Hawaii, Spain, Costa Rica, or something of the like. You think romance. You think history. You think culture. You think luxury.

Why would California even be on your radar for a nice relaxing destination to visit during your annual break? It can be crowded, busy and expensive, yes, but if you’ve never considered making San Diego your vacation destination of choice, you better think again because San Diego offers some amazing experiences that you don’t want to miss out on.

There Are Museums Out the Yin Yang

Ooh, museums. They’re obviously your favorite thing to do, right? Well they should be. If museums aren’t top on your priority list, you lack some serious culture and understanding of what the word “museum” can mean.

San Diego is home to an Antique Glass and Steam museum, a surf museum, the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum,  a History of the Americas museum, a Motor Transport Museum, countless art museums, ocean museums, and WWII museums. The most popular museums are the San Diego Natural History Museum and the Museum of Making Music. Sounds stimulating.

The Zoo is Extremely Famous

The San Diego Zoo is on the top of the list for most visited zoo in the nation, second only to the St. Louis Zoo, but who wants to go to Missouri when you can visit sunny California and see the same animals, without the humidity? The Zoo houses more than 3,700 animals and 650 different species.

Get up close and personal with the kinds of animals you’ve always wanted to see. The San Diego zoo even has live cameras that allow you to closely watch as the animals go about living their daily lives. Ever seen a tiger or a panda in real life? This is your chance. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right.

SeaWorld Can Literally Be Part of Your World

If the fact that SeaWorld is in San Diego doesn’t convince you to book your ticket right now, you might have a problem. Home of Shamu, the great Orca…practically the second happiest place on earth….SeaWorld is the place to educate yourself on sea life, plus be in an amusement park. What part of this equation does “no” fit into? Nothing.

In case nothing mentioned above has convinced you to visit sunny San Diego, you really need to check out all the amazing things that the city offers. Anywhere you go is going to have things unique to itself, but San Diego is really the place to be. Plus, the ocean is right next door.