Becoming a millionaire is certainly a dream most of us cherish for most of our lives. Not millionaires, of course – their dreams are different, often involving becoming billionaires. The question of “what I would do with $13 million” has occurred to me this morning when I read the news about a lucky player hitting the second biggest jackpot ever paid out by an online casino. As a regular Royal Vegas player myself, I’m reading these news the second time this year – unfortunately none of them involved me. The first winner was a player at the same Royal Vegas casino where I play – called Mark, he won over $7 million after just one week of play at the portal on the Mega Moolah mobile slot. The second one was a yet unnamed player just the other day.

Playing at the Royal Vegas has its benefits beyond its attractive jackpots. It has lots of games I can play on the go – helpful when I am away from home and in need of some casino action. It has some very attractive prizes as well, some of them especially appealing to me – like the one I intend to compete for next year: a Caribbean cruise for two. But even without these perks I find the Royal Vegas the best place to play at, especially because of its friendly staff and reliable services.

So, what would you do if such a major amount – $13 million plus change – would fall into your lap?

Aside from the usual – celebrating with champagne and so on – I would spend a part of the money won on visiting all the places I haven’t got the occasion to see until today. I wouldn’t invest in properties in all corners of the world – well, not at first anyway – but I would spend my time and money on discovering a place where I can imagine spending as much time as possible. Ultimately I would go on a quest to find the perfect place to settle down once the time for it comes.

But what if I fail in my quest to find the perfect place to retire to? Don’t worry, I have a plan for this case, too, inspired by the story of Texas couple Matt and Tamara, who sold everything around the age of 50 and started traveling around the world. With no plans, but with the means, the couple started their trip around the globe in 2009. By this year they have lived in South America, Europe, China, Southeast Asia and even Egypt. I’m thinking something similar, with a huge RV with everything I might need and a map with all preferred destinations marked with X on it.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me, what would you do if you would win a jackpot worth $13 million?