Wanderlust is something else really – when you have a bit of money to travel, you sort of don’t know just where to go, but when you don’t have any money for travelling, all of a sudden you have so many ideas of where you’d love to go and what you’d really like to do. I mean sure, there are all the clichés, but clichés related to travelling lose absolutely none of their flavour. In fact, travellers take great pleasure in being able to say “me too” – we take great pleasure in being able to weigh in on a travel story told by someone who’s been to some faraway place, if only in a manner which relates to their story and not necessarily in the sense that you’ve also been to where they’ve been.

If someone speaks about a particular cultural nuance they experienced in a country like Portugal for instance, someone else who’s perhaps been to Angola, Mozambique, Brazil or any other Portuguese speaking country may have a similar experience to share about the cultural differences or nuances they noticed. So I guess it’s ultimately just a matter of feeding the wanderlust monster in whatever way possible.

If you ever find yourself with a nice budget with which to travel however and you don’t quite know where to go or what to do, there are some fun things to do which would perhaps not make the tour guides — at least not the traditional tour-guides that is. These are some of the things you’d also perhaps not easily find on a regular travel blog with regular listings of topics such as “X things to do when you’re in Paris,” etc.

Yes, I do have something specific in mind — something quite bizarre if you come to think about it, but something which I think is perhaps worth exploring when you do indeed want for something fun to do as a different flavour of feeding your wanderlust. Call it wanderlust dessert, if you like…

I recently had the unlikely fortune of discovering just how fun those training courses we’re often sent on by employers can be, you know, the ones which the big boss is probably too uninspired to attend in person and so they send you to go and represent the company and come back with the gist of what was covered? So anyway, the joke is on the powers that be this time because on the recent Shields NEBOSH Training UK course I attended, I had a rather hard time focussing because of the rather silly nature of the content of the safety course, but you know it somehow just worked out. The content really stuck and being a teacher myself I still wonder whether or not that was by design or if it just happened by coincidence. From some health and safety rules adapted to the Pokemon Go craze that’s taking the world by storm, to those warning people about the hazards associated with treating construction sites as one big playground — it got really interesting. Definitely something I’d recommend to someone who doesn’t quite know how to feed their wanderlust.

sheilds infographic