As much as you’d like to figure that vacations are great in terms of rewarding yourself as a benefit of hard work, there’s also an argument that going on vacation works to de-stress in a way that will keep you away from mental health issues such as addiction and depression.

So if you reframe the idea of a vacation as a part of the normal balance of modern human life, rather than something special that you only get sometimes and under certain conditions, you may have better luck in keeping your emotional health in a place that makes sense to you.

Staying Out of Rehab

If people stress out too much, they often turn to alcohol and drugs. It simply comes with the territory. And add to that, some people are genetically more inclined toward addictive behavior anyway, and you have a recipe for trouble if you never take a break. By working with regularly scheduled vacations and trips, you can stave off some of the circumstances that otherwise lead people into behaviors that may eventually be considered addictions.

Bonding With Family Vacations

And if it feels like your family doesn’t have the same emotional connection that you used to, to the point where mothers and sons don’t feel like they know each other, or husbands and wives start to lose the attraction to one another, a well-planned family vacation may be exactly the thing that you all need. They don’t even necessarily need to be expensive, they just have to be something that everyone agrees on will be a good time.

Avoiding Depression

With no time off, it can be easy to slip into a depressed state. And yes, there are clinical definitions of depression. But circumstantial depression can be just as bad. The good thing is that vacations or traveling around can be the single best preventer of this type of situation. A few days off every few months even can make a world of difference to people who are inclined toward sadness and stress. Even using some cannabis products from a san diego dispensary, for example, could be useful to avoid depression. Cannabis is believed to reduce stress and anxiety, allowing people to be inspired and focused instead. That is one way of avoiding depression.

Staying Productive Through Your Career

If you want to stay productive over the course of a long career, it’s extremely important that you take breaks regularly. Once again, this is where the idea of the vacation comes into play. Even if you’re doing the equation in your head where you think that time off means money lost, you have to let that go occasionally in order to maintain a proper state of mental health.

Keeping the Proper Balance In Life

Life is all about balance. Balance between work and play. Balance between the intense and the relaxed. If you don’t use an occasional tourist trip out to somewhere outside your normal day to day behavior, you can easily fall into the trap of the never-ending dullness of adulthood.