Although Christmas 2016 will no doubt very much be on your mind right now, the fact is January 2017 is only a few weeks off! With a New Year comes all sorts of new opportunities, ones which you’ll be eager not to miss out on.

As a result, this brief guide to some of the top holiday destinations for 2017 will hopefully direct you towards some exciting adventures. But where do you go? Understatement of the day – the Earth is enormous. There are a wealth of places to choose, so this list aims for the more diverse choices to break up from the traditional trips to New York, London, or Paris. Happy holidaying!


Okay, perhaps not that helpful but bear with me – everywhere across the world is available to you, so think carefully about where you want to go. This guide to 2017 from Lonely Planet would be a good place to start, but perhaps consider different options instead of the norm.

So, instead of America head to beautiful Canada. Instead of France, head on over to enigmatic Finland. Or how about Nepal or Dominica? You don’t have to go climbing up Mount Everest, but it would be a thrill to see it.

If that’s too cold, why not hit Bermuda or Barbados for a bit of sun, sea, and sand? Alternatively, on an entirely different tangent, there’s Mongolia and its stunning landscapes, such as at Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.

The trick to this is do a bit of research or just pick a new location on a whim – that’s the joy of travel.

A road trip!

The beauty of the road trip is you can head off wherever you want to go. Simply get your car or van booted up with some new tyres (consider mobile tyre fitting for a cheap option) and you can head out into the wider world for exploration and adventure.

Road trips can be planned in meticulous detail or you can head out onto the open road with only Jack Kerouac’s One the Road in mind and a dream of adventure to live up. It can be in your local vicinity or you can head abroad – it’s a very flexible option to pursue.

Keep seasons in mind                                                                          

Of course, the seasons could dictate where you plan to go. In January, where do you go? The same for February, March, April, and of course so on. This suggestion list on where to go in January is a fine example of the choice available to you.

There’s Nicaragua, Brazil’s coastline, Burma, Australia, Belize, or Thailand. You can beat the cold of Europe quite easily or, if that’s your thing, you should head to one of Europe’s beautiful cities – why not try Bruges? It’ll have snow and brilliant architecture which will look stunning with those early sunsets and sunrises kicking in.

Consider travel trends

These crop up every other year – whether it’s a juicing detox at a Thailand retreat or a journey to somewhere way away from modern technology. In 2017, Lonely Planet suggests there will be travel trends with micro-distilleries – these allow you to sample heart-warming spirits, which would be ideal for this time of year.

It also suggests online freelancing and an increasing shift to working from home will free up more time to work whilst on holiday. Why not sort out a trek to China for a month and then work from a makeshift office in Beijing?

Other opportunities await with glamping, the souped up version of camping which has been taking the world by storm of late. You can even try out sustainable travelling – big up your green credentials with a trip abroad under the International Year of Sustainable Tourism. You can stay locally for such a measure, or visit the increasing number of green tourism locations to get your holiday fix.