Travel is an experience that no human being should go without. While some people might be homebodies and not super crazy about heading out into the great unknown to experience all that the world has to offer for themselves, it needs to be done by everyone because it offers so much to an individual.

Anyone who is content to stay where they are and never venture out have probably never really been out in the first place. If they had, they would probably not be so happy to sit at home for the rest of their lives. It’s not to demean anybody who doesn’t travel, it’s just that traveling is an experience unparalleled by any other, and it’s never the same.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why everyone needs to travel at some point in their lives.

It Gives You a New Set of Eyes

Even if you have 20/20 vision, you need to travel. ‘A new set of eyes’ isn’t referring to how good or bad your vision is, it’s referring to your eyes being opened to what is out there in the world, and your being willing to see things for what they are.

Every culture out there does things differently. What makes your culture the right one? Many say that the westernized countries have it way too good. Everyone is spoiled and doesn’t understand what they have. This is true a lot of the time.

Though nobody can look at someones life and say that they had it harder than anyone else for sure, when you travel, you see how other people grow up and what they live in and iit opens your eyes to all that you’re blessed with. Perhaps it will even turn you into some sort of philanthropist. The world needs more of them, so by all means.

It Gives you R&R&R

Depending on your kind of travels, you can experience the rest and relaxation that vacationing in a beautiful paradise will bring, but you will also experience relationships. This is an aspect of travel that many don’t think of. It can be awkward to go to a different place or a foreign country because you don’t know the area and you might not know the language.

If you’re open to just connecting with people around you, you’ll be surprised at the relationships you will gain. Relationship doesn’t have to be sectioned off into categories based on race, or language, or gender, or even species. New friends offer new insights into worlds you never knew existed. More friends means more viewpoints and a greater overall outlook and understanding of life. Those who choose not to travel miss out on many things, don’t let it be you.