Group trips can be great fun, but you can have an even better time if you’re smart about the accommodation you book. Your first instinct will probably be to look for hotels, but serviced apartments present a number of benefits that make them particularly attractive to those travelling as a group.

Everyone Stays Together

You can find serviced apartments in a whole range of sizes, with multiple bedrooms and fold-out sofas to accommodate far more than one person. This is great if you’re in a group since everyone gets to stay together. In a hotel, there’s no guaranteeing you’re going to end up on the same floor, let alone in rooms next to each other. Meeting up will be less convenient, and you won’t enjoy each other’s company as fully.

Enjoy Your Own Privacy

When you go somewhere with a group, part of the fun is enjoying a little bonding. Serviced apartments facilitate bonding because you maintain your own sense of privacy. Instead of sharing a hotel with possibly hundreds of other people, you have your own little space to enjoy.

Space to Socialise

Hotel rooms aren’t generally designed to accommodate much more than sleeping – they usually contain a pair of beds, a TV, and perhaps a small desk. That’s fine for some travellers, but it’s not like you can socialise too easily if you come as part of a group. Once again, serviced apartments make a better showing. They’ll have dedicated living areas in which you can all relax and socialise, plus a fully-fitted kitchen for when you all want to cook together.

Reduced Expenses

Perhaps most importantly, serviced apartments usually work out cheaper than hotel rooms when you book as a group. The same apartment can be used to accommodate more than could fit comfortably in a single hotel room. It’s far more cost-effective to split the price of a single serviced apartment rather than booking several hotel rooms.