Located in the southern part of the country and surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Mumbai is one of major cities as well as a main tourist attraction in India. Mumbai is named after one of the Hindu gods. The city lies on the Arabian Sea coast, with tropical amazing climate that attracts tourists throughout the year. The city has many hotels from different types, making it easy to book hotel rooms with no hassles, especially if you are a travel lover who saves airline mileage for trips around the world.

Top tourist attractions in Mumbai:

  1. Haji Ali Mosque

Located on a small island in the Arabian Sea, Haj Ali Dargah mosque is one of the most popular shrines in India, with more than 30,000 visitors a week. It is said that the mystic owner of the mosque came to India to spread Islam, and before he died, he asked his followers to lay down his body in a coffin, throw it in the sea, and then bury him where they find the coffin. The mosque was built with Islamic architecture, and decorated with white domes and minarets, embodying the amazing Mughal style.

  1. Gateway of India

Gateway of India is one of the most famous monuments of Mumbai. It was built in order to commemorate the first visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India in 1911. The construction took 13 years to complete in 1924. The gate is located south Mumbai with a fantastic view on the Arabian Sea. Located directly across the street from the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in the city.

  1. Marine Drive

Marine Drive is the most visited beach in Mumbai. It is a 3.5 kilometers natural bay, on which you can lay down in the morning, enjoy the mesmerizing sunset in the evening and watch the sidewalk lights shining like a pearl necklace in the night.

  1. Taj Mahal Hotel

Taj Mahal Palace is the oldest luxury hotel in Mumbai founded by Jamsetji Tata of Tata Group.  The hotel is considered one of the oldest luxury hotels in India. It was opened to the public on December 16th, 1903. The hotel has an old-fashioned exterior and a modern luxury interior, making it ideal for all types of guests. Overlooking the sea and the famous gateway of India, the hotel features a unique location distinguishes it from other hotels.

  1. Mumbai Film

Mumbai city is the backbone of India’s economy, with the city being the main location for Indian massive Film Production, called Bollywood. Film industry in India delivers a huge number of movies; with only too few of them reach western societies. Mumbai is the most popular destinations for Bollywood and Indian programs’ makers, as the city provides ideal places for filmmaking in India. In addition to movies and TV series, the city also features recording studios.