Travelling the world is a favorite pastime for many who have achieved great success and the wealth that comes with it. With services like OnBoat being made available for those who want to travel somewhere in style. Luxury yachts have become a grand, luxurious way to travel, whilst making a statement of prosperity. The must-have amenities on some mega yachts are a testament to the yacht owner’s creativity.
Yachts offer a way to travel in complete privacy, with no need for hotels. They are self-contained and they provide a way for yacht owners like Azmi Mikati and others who own yachts today to have all the comforts of home with them while they are out at sea. Some of the best features found on luxury yachts today include:

– A helicopter platform for easy boarding

– A private gym

– Jacuzzi’s with sun decks

– Elevators that connect all the decks

– Spas, hair salons, Turkish baths and massage rooms

– A private beach club

– Game courts for tennis, basketball, squash, badminton and places to play football

– Places to store toys like equipment for windsurfing and diving, and personal water craft

– Living space featuring niceties like television sets with satellite and home theaters

– Creative additions like libraries, dance rooms or discos and playrooms

– Gardens featuring fresh flowers and greenery for inspiration during those trips out at sea

– Glass windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling for spectacular ocean views

Amenities Chosen Depend On Individual Preference

Each yacht owner has their own unique ideas for what they would love to have on their yacht and for things that are essential to fulfill their needs and desires. One very popular amenity is an infinity pool with fresh water for swimming any time, with lounge chairs surrounding the pool. This quickly becomes the popular place where everyone loves to gather while out at sea.

Some owners choose creative, bold paint schemes to make their yacht stand out. Colours like white, green and blue are traditional, but some owners prefer bright or metallic colours. Others may want transportation to and from the shore featuring private shuttles that offer them protection from elements like water and wind, whilst letting them travel in complete comfort and luxury.

A Yacht Becomes An Individual Expression Of Creativity

Some of the more unusual yachts that have ever been created include one with a volcano and private island feature, and a submarine yacht with the capability of diving over 700 feet into the ocean while the yacht is at sea. Yachts with these unique features are rare and they express the creativity of their owners.

Features chosen for each yacht depend largely on the hobbies and interests of the yacht’s owner. Fishermen will love the excitement and challenge of having ocean fishing capabilities at their disposal, whilst those who love water sports will love being able to have their favourite water craft along with them.

A Hired Crew Provides Comfort

Larger yachts may have a hired crew to manage and operate all the yacht’s features. Crew members like stewards and stewardesses make the trip more comfortable, whilst the Captain, officers, engineers and deck hands all play their part to make the trip safe and successful. Yachting offers an exceptional and memorable way for the very wealthy to travel in style.