The continent of Africa is without a doubt one of the best when it comes to Safari viewing in the globe. While African Safari’s are famous for a wide number of reasons, it is most sought after due to a variety of Tanzania’s game reserves!

So, whether you are a family on an adventure, a honeymoon couple, an independent traveler or seasoned safari goer — you cannot miss to visit the following 5 National Safari Parks to end your trip on a beautiful note!


The Serengeti National Park is Tanzania’s most oldest and popular parks in history till date. It is most famous for the annual migration which welcomes a large number of animals for fresh pasturing.

This makes the park one of the most popular with tourists around the world. Rich in the savannah ecosystem, the park is known for its exceptional wildlife and natural beauty. To add to its beauty, the park is bordered with Lake Victoria, Masai Mara, and Ngorongoro natural reserve.


One of the oldest favorite safari spots for philanthropists, hunters, and explorers, the 19th century Game Reserve Safari, offers the best value for your money. The reserve holds 2100 plant species, almost 350 species of birds, 60,000 elephants, and many more other exotic animals at its abode. Selous is also one of the main tourist’s attraction spots as it offers a unique, authentic, and undisturbed wilderness.


Just to the north-west of the Serengeti Park is the Grumeti. This was developed to facilitate the way for migration of the wildebeest and Zebras. The migration of the hooves pass through this area from the month of late May to early July. Grumeti makes a great location to catch a glimpse of the indigenous biodiversity.


Second largest after the Serengeti, the Ruaha National Park is situated at an immaculate location. This is mainly because the area is difficult to reach; hence the nature has been preserved at its best till date.

The term Ruaha is derived from the Great Ruaha River which plays a vital part in the lifeline of the National Park. The Ruaha National Park is also fundamental to the wildlife, especially in hot dry seasons where they can enjoy waters available in the sandy rivers. You can spot a variety of inhabitants such as: crocodiles, hippos, hyenas, wild dogs and many others!


Along side of the Lake Tanganyika is the alluring Mahale National Park Safari. The park is spread expansively on area of 1.613 km square, flaunting mighty mountain ranges at 2.460m. Mahale National Park Safari is only available to reach by boat and is home to a large number of chimpanzees. Additionally, it is also populated with mammals such as: Leopards, giraffes, mammals and many others.  offers the best, authentic and top-notch Safari services to make your Safari experience a time to cherish forever. From a variety of lodges, camp sites and other propensity on offer—Luxury Safari is the name to trust to cover all your Safari trip needs above and beyond your expectations!