Innovative nightclub architecture incorporates different design concepts in order to create a truly unique space. A great example of an innovative nightclub architecture is that of the Le Peep Boutique, a 1920s beaux art hotel, bar, restaurant and entertainment venue located on London’s Park Lane district. This space, inspired by Parisian theaters and peepshows, is a glimpse at how old meets new and the inspiration of past eras can be incorporated in a modern way.

There are many other examples of how innovative architecture is being used to breathe life into the nightclub scene. Here a few example of how different design styles are being incorporated into the architecture of old and new spaces from around the world.

Bridging the Past, Present and Future

One innovative architecture being incorporated in a nightclub design is that of the Eskada Club Porto. The Eskada Club Porto, located in Caldas De Vizela, Braga, Portugal, draws inspiration in its architecture from a blend of glamour, luxury and modern trends. The restoration of this disco and nightclub spot retained the original architectural features as well as the characteristics of the existing building in Northern Portugal. This marriage of design types helps create a look that blends the past with elements of Modern European design to bridge the present. The light design seen throughout the nightclub brings a minimalist visual experience to club goers and completes the incorporation of futuristic elements into this space’s innovative architectural design.

All Things Incorporated in Las Vegas

The Omnia Las Vegas located at Caesar’s Palace, is a poster child of innovative and kinetic architecture. The interior of this 75,000 square foot nightclub looks like something from the futuristic world built for Ridley Scott’s 1982 Bladerunner movie. The club, whose name is derived from the Latin word Omni for “all things,” incorporates many futuristic and ultra-modern design elements that are like candy to the eyes and senses. The chandelier is suspended on high from what can only be described as the propulsion engines from Parliament Funkadelic’s Mothership, waiting to transform club goers to another world.


Use of Modern Techniques to Give Life to Vision

The innovative use of multimedia, LED video and theatrical lighting, can transform a space from a casual gathering place to a new world on a distant planet. The completion of the design for the Omnia Las Vegas for example, involved the use of ground-breaking software and technology pgp tools to bring dimension to the design vision. This resulted in an architectural marvel that is at the hallmark of innovative architectural design.

From London to Portugal to Las Vegas and other venues throughout the world, innovative architecture is transforming nightclubs. This transformation not only tantalizes the senses of those patrons who frequent these nightclubs (as well as those who visit for the first time), it also pushes the limits as to what is possible for architecture and design.