Survival is a great thing to learn as it is very important to know, It seems crazy how people are so dependant on things such as technology, supermarkets and cars. But how many people do you think would be able to survive without these luxuries. This list from Gear Hungry will take you through some items that you must have if you are to survive in the wilderness. This list will range from tips that can help you in the wilderness, to what you should bring such as tools to keep yourself alive.

  1. Communication Is Key

One of the most important tips when attempting to survive in the wilderness, if you going to find find some food or firewood, a very important thing you must do is that you should tell whoever you are with, where exactly you are going and what exactly your are going away to find. The reason you do this is because if you are looking for some food or firewood and end up being stranded atlas someone knows where you are and what route you went down.

  1. Take inventory

This is a very important step when you are trying to survive in the wild, you must plan which inventory you should be taking. You will have to think what would you use the tools for, this can range from cutting wood, cutting shade for shelter, hunting for food and cooking equipment for when you have found your food. A great piece of inventory to bring would be the survival axe elite, brought to you from Gear Hungry, go check it out and maybe even add it to your inventory for your survival kit.

  1. Build Shelter

Now, its time to get a bit more creative. you will have to look for things that can withstand torrential conditions. This will be essential as you will need to keep warm and protected from the elements. A great tool to use for building your shelter is Schrade survival hatchet, This is another product brought to you from Gear Hungry. This tool is perfect for cutting trees and different types of wood. Another tip is that if you are in rocky, mountain terrain, you should look for some overhangs, otherwise you should use limbs or leaves to provide insulation for your shelter.

  1. Navigation

Its a great idea when in the great outdoors to have a compass, with the Casio pro trek WSD – F20, it has a digital compass built in. This would be a great investment for any outdoorsman, you can either go down this route of investing into this watch/ compass or just go totally old-school and use the stars, it is easier than everybody thinks. Also, keep note of rivers and mountains and follow them an that should most definitely lead to roads and civilisation.

  1. Identifying edible plants

When it comes to the point when you need to eat, going out an hunting for meat overtime every time will be tiring and draining. Another good way of finding food for yourself would be eating plants or small critters such as fish, frogs and lizards. Before you go into the wilderness something very worthwhile to learn would be to know which plants to eat as there is so many different plants that are poisonous, you can do this by reading books, looking up on google or watching survival documentaries. If you take all five of these tips under consideration I’m absolutely certain that you will do great in the wilderness.