Wherever you’re travelling to, part of the fun (well for us anyway) is meeting like-minded people to share stories with and to help us plan our next adventure. Whilst jetting off to discover the delights of the world is exciting, there’s one thing about travelling that isn’t quite as delightful… packing!

Travel blogs are a fantastic way to find all the inspiration you need to plan your perfect trip. But that’s just it, to make sure you get the most out of your trip, you need to do some proper planning. This is where we can help!

With this in mind, we thought we’d underline our top 10 tips to help you pack like a pro…

    1. Consider the size of your suitcase

Is bigger always better? It should be big enough to fit all your essentials in, but not so big that you’re tempted to over pack. We’ve all done it before… Packed 10 outfits for a 7-day holiday. Just because you’ve got the space, it doesn’t mean you’ve got to fill it. If in doubt, leave it out!

    1. Save room for souvenirs

Leave enough room for souvenirs. Whether it’s for family, friends or yourself, you’ll want a memento. Saving room for souvenirs before you go, means you won’t have to ditch anything at the airport on your way home.

    1. Research travel adaptors

This is an easy one to forget. If you do, you’ll end up paying the price (quite literally) at the airport. This guide from Electrical Safety First makes it really easy to find out which type of travel adaptor you’ll need.

    1. Pack an empty tote for laundry

Add an empty tote bag to your list. Maybe you’ll use it for a day trip whilst you’re there, or to organise your washing on the way home. This is an item that’s always on our list of travel essentials.

    1. Think comfort as well as style

Check the weather forecast and think about your day trips, when it comes to deciding which shoes to take. It’s important you remember to pack for comfort as well as style!

    1. Find the best travel app

No matter how good you think you are at map-reading, it’s easy to lose your bearings in an unfamiliar country. Not only can a travel app help you navigate, many of them also list some of the best tourist attractions around. It’s a handy little addition, even if it’s only there as a backup.

    1. Take a first aid kit

Packing a small first aid kit, can give you piece of mind that you’re not going to have to tour the local pharmacies, to get the medicine you’re looking for. If you are planning on doing something adventurous on your holidays, such as hiking or canoeing, it may be worth brushing up on your first aid training as well. For example, london’s cpr training program may teach you what to do if someone you are traveling with falls unconscious.

    1. Tie a yellow ribbon round… your suitcase

The hundreds of cases revolving round the baggage carousel all tend to look the same, so make it easy for yourself. Yellow, pink, blue, red… whatever colour you choose, you should tie something bright to your case to make it easy to spot.

    1. Write a list to remember what you’ve already packed

You should write a list of things that you’ve already packed. This is so you don’t need to do any last minute rummaging at the bottom of your case.

    1. Make your carry-on count

Make sure you make the most of your carry on. Remember to check what you can and cannot pack with the airline before you set off.

If there’s any top travelling tips that you want to add, you can leave a comment below…