Austria is an amazingly beautiful place to visit, and many people have taken vacations there that they will remember for their entire lifetime. While anyone can benefit from a trip to this European country, bloggers have found it to be a wonderful place to visit and talk about on their blogs.

Austria, in fact, just did a very successful blogger outreach program that would inspire anyone to take a trip to this beautiful part of the planet. While there they toured many must-see sites, on their #inAustria campaign, which was created by the Austrian National Tourist Office.

Before you read about these five great things to do in Austria, take a moment to watch this video for the tourism campaign and you’ll quickly see why a trip to this country is a must for anyone that enjoys spending time abroad. embed video-


Take A Hike

Austria is home to mountains, caves, and many national parks. All of which are great places to take a hike. You’ll experience nature at her most raw and beautiful stages, with waterfalls and nature. Get yourself a tourist guide so that you can ensure your safety, but have fun and take time to explore.

Walking Austria’s Alps could be one of the most invigorating and awe inspiring things you do on your trip to Austria!

Enjoy The Cuisine

Austria has some rich and delicious cuisine, and travelers are sure to enjoy trying out local dishes. You may even want to attempt to recreate them at home, they are just that good. Famous Chef, Wolfgang Puck, is from Austria, so you know they must have amazing dishes.

Experience The Culture

Austria is a cultural mecca, so you know that there is always something going. If you’re tired of the hiking and outdoor adventure, and you still need to work off some of that great food, look into some of their festivals and other events.

You will find concerts, film festivals, and even museums just waiting to teach you all about the culture and community of Austria.


Learn The History

Of course museums are a great place to learn about history, but you can also see it in the architecture, the culture, and simply in the way people live. Take time to learn and enjoy the atmosphere of Austria. Don’t just rush through your vacation.

Take Lots Of Photos!

And, of course, don’t forget to take a lot of photos. Photos allow you to easily capture your memories and share them with your friends and family. Share them online on your social media sites, or even start a blog about your travels.

Austria has a lot to offer, and you won’t be disappointed when you visit.