Your flight got delayed again?

As air traffic is increasing, delayed flights are more common than usual. You will now see an increasing number of airlines stuck with a multitude of issues, trying to take off in time. It is a frustrating experience for the travelers who are stranded at these airports. If you are on a vacation, you miss out some important parts in your itinerary. If you are a business traveler, a delayed flight could mean anything from a lost appointment to a lost business opportunity.

In such a circumstance, will it not be better if you got compensated for the lost time? Well, the good news is that flight delay compensation can be claimed under most circumstances. You don’t have to travel at the mercy of the airline any longer. The airline is bound to provide you the promised service. If they do not fulfill their promise, they are liable to pay. Of course, many airlines will be working with their legal team to work out what steps they must take to keep customers happy. For airlines that need more help with their legal requirements, it might be worth contacting the professionals at Sidley Austin, for example.

Conditions under which compensation can be claimed

In general, you can claim a compensation for a flight delayed by more than 3 hours. In this case, your compensation will be equal to a cancelled flight. In fact, if any of your flights in the past 6 years have been delayed by more than 3 hours, you can seek compensation from the airlines.

As soon as the flight is delayed by more than 2 hours, the airline company will provide you compensation in the form of food vouchers, ground transport, overnight hotel accommodation and sometimes a refund. However, as soon as the delay is for more than 3 hours, you can also claim cash compensation.

If the airline company is blaming the delay on the weather, it must show that such an extraordinary situation really existed. Same is the case with technical and mechanical faults. The airline company must ensure that the passengers reach their destination on time, and that too safely. A failure to do so could result in a claim.

In the case of worker strikes too, the airline could be held responsible for flight delays. You will need to talk to a professional lawyer to sort this issue. They will listen to your case and provide you able advice on how to get adequate compensation for the loss of time or money.

What to do if your flight is delayed right now?

If your flight is delayed by 2 hours, look for airline assistance. If your flight has delayed by 4 hours already, it would be better to call your travel insurance provider. Your travel insurance kicks off after a 4-hour delay. So, it would be better to call your insurer as soon as 4 hours are over.

It could be difficult to kill time when you are waiting for a delayed flight. In this case, socialize with your fellow passengers or try to invest some time in yoga rooms. Many airports will host their passengers into these yoga rooms to relax while they are waiting for their flights. Isn’t it a great idea?