There are billions of coffee drinkers all over the world. Different cultures and different regions often have their own take on what constitutes the best cuppa. You don’t have to visit the rest of the world to enjoy a really great-tasting, luxurious cup of freshly brewed coffee since you can now buy coffee online from A1 coffee. But for those who would like to experience the best coffee in the world, then you would be interested in paying a visit to the best countries for coffee lovers.


It would be a gross injustice if Ethiopia is not included in the best countries in the world for coffee lovers, especially its capital, Addis Ababa. Acclaimed as the birthplace of coffee, having discovered by an Ethiopian goatherd in the 9th century, Ethiopia is one of the best places to enjoy coffee where many of the local coffee shops still roast and grind the coffee beans in the traditional way. The coffee grounds are then brewed in earthen clay pots giving it a superbly earthy yet luscious taste you’ll never taste anywhere else.


Italian cuisine is known worldwide. And this extends well into their coffee. Where else can you get the best cappuccino, macchiato, marocchino, caffe latte, shakerato, and caffe d’Orzo. Sure, these types of coffees can be found anywhere else in the world. But they surely sound more elegant the way Italians make them


Now that the relations between Cuba and the rest of the world is warming up, there’s plenty of reasons to visit Cuba and enjoy a cup of either a Café Cubano or a milky Cortadito. These are essentially espressos with a shot of sugar or milk, respectively. While they may seem like any other coffee, those who have tried it swear that you’ll never look at Cuban coffee this way again.


If you have shops that are listed by the UNESCO as intangible heritage, wouldn’t you be curious just how intangible these shops are? The cafes and coffee shops of Austria particularly those in Vienna take their interior decors and aesthetics seriously. They know enjoying espressos, cappuccinos, and Wiener Melange is a lot better with the right atmosphere.


The Aussies have a way with coffee. In fact, Melbourners observe a yearly coffee expo where everyone is invited to partake in the most popular drink, not only in the land down under, but in the whole world. Each major city is Australia has its own signature coffee village although they would typically go for lattes or any other cuppa that has milk.


If it’s thick and truly flavorful coffee you’re after, then Turkey should be your next destination. The way baristas brew their coffee means you’ll get all that gritty coffee ground at the bottom of your cup. They don’t use sifters. Instead, they wait for the grounds to settle before you can enjoy your cup.

Again, you don’t have to travel around the world to enjoy these coffees. A1 Coffee can provide one right in your home.