For many years, the concept of renting out your home so that people you don’t know can live in it for a week, touch all your stuff, and sleep in your beds is strange. Who in their right mind would be comfortable doing that? You never know who you can trust, not to mention there is always the question of where would you go once the vacationers get to town?

Luckily, the answers to these questions are often much more simple than a person thinks. There are thousands of people all over the world that rent out their homes, apartments, and even rooms to travelers who are just passing through. This act is actually beneficial both to the renter and to the rentee. Here’s why:

You Make A Crap Ton of Money

The amount of money to be made is going to vary on where you’re located, what you’re offering, and how often you rent out, but your potential to make bookoo bucks is seriously high. People in new york will rent out their studio apartments for a week and rake in anywhere from $700 to a lot more than that depending on their location and the number of rooms available.

If you’re in a smaller town that doesn’t have the draw of the city, you still might be surprised to see how much you can get for your home. There is this site called Airbnb that does practically everything for you, you’re just responsible to make sure everything is up to standards to get your place is ready for visitors. You put up your listing and just watch the bookings come in. The site is really great at doing background checks, and you get to choose who your renters are, so it’s very safe.

You Get to Meet Awesome People

Depending on if you choose to rent out a room in your home, or if you choose to rent out your entire home, you’ll have a different amount of exposure to the people coming in and out of your doors.

No matter, you’ll still have to opportunity to connect with some of the coolest people out there that all come from different walks of life. This in enough is a reason to rent out your home to vacationers. Maybe it will give you a new perspective on life, or at least relight your fire and desire to see the world.

You Have An Excuse to Spend Time Away

Whenever you have renters staying in your home, it also gives you the excuse to go away somewhere exciting for the week. You might stay with your family, you might go on a romantic getaway to the Virgin Islands. No matter what you do, you get to do it resting in the fact that the money being earned off of your home is probably enough to cover the mortgage for the month. The whole thing is really a no brainer. That is unless you can’t stand the thought of having strangers in your home…there is that.