When looking for places to visit, sometimes you need a little inspiration, something that fits into what you look for from a holiday and of course how much you like to spend. Some people like to go away to relax and unwind forgetting the everyday stresses, however others don’t like to waste the precious time off by lounging around the pool all day, getting out and about and exploring somewhere new instead. Trying to find laces to visit taking all this into consideration can be tricky, especially if you go as a couple and both have different ideas about what you want.

If you find you need a little help in deciding where to go then why not check out this article by Travel Bulletin. They have reported on a fun new site, which helps you decide where to go on your next holiday. This handy tool was created by My Voucher Codes, and you choose from 3 options; whether you want to go somewhere; hot, warm or cold, then whether you like to; relax, party on, have an adventure or explore and then how much your budget is: cheap, mid-priced or expensive. It then takes all this information and presents you with the perfect holiday which fits in with the criteria.

We had a few goes, seeing what came up for different variables, it is really good if you have no idea where to start, for us as seasoned travellers we have been to some of the destinations on there. However if we did want to take a break and leave it up to chance then this would be something we would use! It’s a bit more accurate to your tastes, wants and needs than just spinning a globe around and randomly stopping it and going to where your pin hits!

The most useful part for us was breaking it up into cost, as much as we would love to splash the cash and visit the most expensive places in the world, we really can’t do, so it’s good to know that there are still plenty of places out there which are a lot more wallet friendly.

Speaking about the fun new site, Mark Pearson, founder of My Voucher Codes said: “If you want to visit somewhere new for your holidays, sometimes it can be hard to decide where, especially if you’re travelling as a family with differing opinions. However we are so lucky that we have the opportunity to head off to far flung destinations, or even visit beautiful places closer to home.

“With what feels like limited time off for holiday, sometimes you need the right break away from work, hopefully the perfect holiday generator will give you the inspiration to find that dream holiday and wonderful memories for years to come.”

The tool can be accessed at www.myperfectholiday.co.uk