Wales is an underrated destination in the United Kingdom.  It is a beautiful and unique country, with mountains and rugged coastlines. What makes Wales unusual is its culture and its people.  The distinctive culture of this country stems from its Celtic mythology, which resulted in with interesting customs, music, and language.  It also has a number of historical sites like the Gwynedd Castles and Town Halls of Edward I and the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.

You would have a great time when you go to Wales for a visit, but what adds more fun to a place are the unexpected and unusual things that you can do there.  Take care of your travel safety before you go to enjoy Wales with peace of mind. There are a lot of experiences that you can only do in Wales, and we have gathered six of the best ones:

  1. Go on a before you were famous tour

The Welsh are known for their artistic sensibilities, and their love for music. It is not a surprise that some of the best UK artists come from Wales.  The “Before you were Famous” tour lets visitors explore where famous artists like Dame Shirley Bassey, Sir Tom Jones, Dylan Thomas, Richard Burton, and Anthony Hopkins had their humble beginnings. It is very inspiring.

  1. Board the Sir Tom Jones train

Have a delightful time boarding British Rail Class 143609, otherwise known as the Sir Tom Jones, a train that passes through the Welsh countryside from Cardiff.  This never fails to give people a smile.

  1. Walk the Pilgrims Trail at Llŷn Peninsula

Once upon a time, Christian pilgrims traveled along the coastal path of the Llŷn Peninsula, going offshore to Bardsey Island, where they visit St. Cadfan’s monastery. There are prehistoric sites and ancient churches along that path. This path has been followed by Christians since the 6th century.

  1. Walk on the Wales Coast Path

The entire coastline of Wales is 1,400 kilometers long, and if you love trekking, you will enjoy this adventure. You will discover the rugged seas and the cliffs with windswept castles along Wales shoreline, and you will pass through small villages where you can stop and rest.  Along this path are two National Parks and three designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

  1. Visit the eccentric Portmeirion

The Portmeirion castle was built by Welch architect Clough Williams-Ellis, inspired by an Italian Portofino village.  If you love staying in whimsical hotels, this mansion is the place to be. Built in 1926, this Victorian building actually has comfortable rooms and great local food.  What you will love most about this place is its uniquely beautiful building and its unique waterfront location.

  1. Visit castles on a horse-drawn carriage

The beautifully rugged and historically significant Glamorgan Heritage Coast has breathtaking landscapes, and within its proximity are medieval villages and castles.  You can book a horse-drawn carriage tour of the Newcastle Castle and the ruins of Coity Castle. The circular stone structures are both evident in the architecture, designed as defensive fortresses.

This list of unexpected and unusual things only goes to show that Wales is more than a country with unique a topography and a unique history. The spirit of Wales lies within its people.