These days, it isn’t too hard to find someone who will offer you advice on how to make your relationship work. You are sure to be told what you are doing wrong more often than right. If you are looking to strengthen your bond, it could be more beneficial to cuddle up in a classy hotel room rather than spending an hour each week in counseling. Traveling as a couple is a great way to increase your bond and make lifelong memories. Included here are a few reasons you should travel with your partner.

Experience New Things

There are few things that increase love in a relationship more than traveling together. There are a number of things that contribute to this, but one of the biggest is having the opportunity to experience new things. They say new experiences and change is the spice of life, so why not put a heavy dose of that in your romantic relationship? Experiencing new things allows you to grow together and face challenges side-by-side.

Create Fun Memories

Have you ever been part of an “inside joke”? Love being able to share a look with someone and just have them understand? Traveling together is a great opportunity to create many more memories along these lines with a loved one. All of those stories that you want to tell have been shared and experienced by your significant other. Any life-altering ideas or experiences will have affected them as well.

Learn to Work Together

It is no secret that communication is one of the most important aspects of a successful relationship. While you can learn to work together by constructing Ikea furniture, it may be more fun to learn those skills when trying to decipher a foreign map or order from a menu with no English or pictures. Traveling together means you always have a co-pilot in unfamiliar or difficult situations.

Happiness Only Real When Shared

If you have ever seen Into the Wild, you probably cried when McCandless came to the realization “happiness only real when shared.” While this may not always be true, it can be understood that great days are a lot better when shared with loved ones. Your happiness in any situation can be magnified and improved by the joy of your partner.

Overcome Adversity

One of the most beautiful things about travel is that it is unpredictable. No matter how carefully you plan your trip, it will be out of your hands if your bags are lost or your flight is delayed. Your reservations may have been lost at a hotel or you could find you forgot a critical piece of paperwork. Traveling with your partner will allow you to overcome adversity together and, hopefully, see the humor in the unfortunate events.