Rome has always been a kid-friendly place. Italian people love children and their rich history works as an encyclopedia for young guns. Rome also has a hold on cultural and artistic values which makes it apt for kids. Italy’s capital can be the perfect holiday vacation for kids who love to see historical monuments, natural beauty, love music, and arts.  Usually, families visit Rome in summers but it can get very hot.  We advise you to carry water and find shelters whenever possible. 

Let’s uncover the best places to visit in Rome with kids.

The Colosseum

The famous Colosseum and the Forum are a perfect place to start Rome’s exploration. Both the destinations can be easily covered in a single day.  The Colosseum can kick start your kid’s imagination with its giant amphitheater. Your child will witness the only place for entertainment used by ancient Romans. There are lots of shelters where you can take a break and teach your children about the rich Roman history. 

You can also use audio guides to learn facts about the massive structure.  It’s advised to visit the Forum where Romans used to do public activities on religious, legal, political, commercial, economic and social matters.  The jumble of ruins looks more like a movie set for a warrior film.  Your kids will get exposed to a legacy that teaches humility and mankind.

The Vatican City

The smallest independent state in the world is also a hot spot for believers in the Catholic Church.  You kids will get to see St. Peter’s Square where Pope addresses thousands of followers.

The astounding St. Peter’s Basilica will provide a thorough look at Michelangelo’s fine art. You will also get to witness the epitome of Roman craftsmanship in various museums and the Sistine Chapel.

The Pantheon

The 25 BC structure is also the most complete monument from ancient Rome. The 20 centuries-old establishment is nothing like something you have ever seen before. Its huge dome and massive columns look like a meeting place for angels and demons. It has been a church since 608 AD and the final resting place for Raphael- renowned Renaissance artist.

The Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is probably the most soothing place to be with kids. You can rest on the adjutant seats and talk alongside the statute of the Roman sea god Neptune.

The fountain looks the best at night and is a hotspot for locals for enjoying their evenings. Also, let your kids enjoy the tradition of putting a coin in the fountain.

Explore the Piazzas

Night walks in summer are awesome, to say the least.  The streets are full of kids and families. There are numerous shopping and eating outlets in fantastic backdrops. The bustling streets are more fun due to beautiful statutes and seating areas.

There are many more places like the Spanish steps and Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II.

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