For those who enjoy intriguing stories and adventurous experiences, Europe is a dream come true. Every nook has a fascinating tale to tell, and every structure has a heritage that has been passed down to us over thousands of years.

Each year, millions of visitors are drawn to Europe because of its vibrant tradition, magnificent architecture, and world-renowned culinary. With so much to see and do, there’s no better way to discover Europe than by cruise.

Instead of dealing with possible inconveniences when travelling between ports and cities, cruisers can unwind and enjoy the amenities onboard. The convenience of visiting several places without having to unload and repack each time is what stands out for most cruise aficionados.

To spice things up, we’ve compiled a list of 5 different methods to cruise Europe.

  • Geothermal Expedition Cruise, Iceland

If you enjoy soaking in a hot spring surrounded by a beautiful environment, then Iceland is the place for you. This country offers endless options for natural hot springs and other geothermal activities.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in milky turquoise volcanic waters, the natural baths around Lake Myvatn are must-visits.  The unique experience is enhanced by the surrounding lava fields, craters, volcanic activities, and other geological structures.

The recently launched Vok Baths is another great alternative. Located on the shores of Lake Urridavatn, it provides you with floating geothermal baths experience with stunning views of the lake.

The baths are an excellent way to finish any of the Eastfjords trips. Choose one and pair it with a visit to the Fljotsdalur Canyon or the Studlagil Creek.

Hellulaug is an excellent ending to any Patreksfjordur and Isafjordur trip if you can live with the little inconvenience of no dressing rooms. Hellulaug is encircled by cliffs on the sea’s edge and provides stunning views of the Vatnsfjordur fjord.

  • Narrowboating in Oxford Canal, England

More people are paying attention to England’s canals and the tiny boats that travel through them. The Oxford Canal flows through stunning terrain carved by the natural environment in Oxfordshire. It is a charming sanctuary of the countryside, clear of large-scale development. This is an excellent location for narrowboat cruising.

The Oxford Canal is 75 miles long and has 46 locks to cruise your Oxford narrowboat hire around. There is also Oxford Canal Walk, which is a long-distance path that you may explore in addition to miles of waterways to sail through. This stroll is ideal for observing a diverse range of wildlife.

Halt in the city centre for some history, art, and tradition as you go through the canals. If you wish to take a longer route, you may depart from Rugby Base and proceed northeast on the Kennet & Avon waterway, cruising towards Reading.

  • Kayaking in Soca Valley, Slovenia

Kayaking is another great way to take in the beauty that Europe has to offer. During the kayaking seasons, the Soca valley offers endless opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the water activity. There are numerous levels to choose from for both beginners and advanced kayakers.

The Soca valley is best suited for anyone that wants to understand the basics of whitewater kayaking. Here, you will learn how to punch the waves and practice for proactive and dynamic paddling. Therefore, if you want to make the most out of the European kayaking season, this place is worth considering.

  • Cruising in Charente River, France

With its beautiful scenery of hills, vineyards, ponds, meadows, and woodlands, the Charente River and its various affluents provide a diverse range of activities and attractions. There are lots to see and do in this region thanks to the lovely communities, castles, and Romanesque buildings around.

Charente is well recognized for providing the opportunity to experience calm and unspoiled nature. Exploring the route of the Charente River itself is another popular choice among the beautiful attractions of Charente. It provides chances for boat expeditions as well as peaceful enjoyment of the outdoors.

This region has a number of cruise routes available. The river is significantly smaller and calmer upstream of Angouleme, breaking into tiny swirling rivulets and sections of wetlands and freshwater ponds. The passage from Angouleme to the sea, on the other hand, can be navigated by large ships.

  • Yacht Island Hopping, Croatia

With over 1200 islands lining the Adriatic Sea, Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is a dream vacation. There are secluded coves, tiny fishing settlements, and medieval-style castles. All of these factors combine to make Croatia one of Europe’s most popular summer vacation spots.

There is an island-hopping route and transportation mode for everyone, regardless of your budget, travel preferences, or time limitations. Depending on your preferences, you can c choose to use local ferries or rent a private yacht, check out Cruise Croatia if this is something you want to find out more about.

Croatia’s ferry system is relatively simple to use and reasonably priced. The ferries are typically quite pleasant, with free internet access, a lounge, and, on bigger services, sometimes a restaurant. This mode of transportation is especially useful if you have rented a car in Croatia and intend to explore the major islands.

Ferry services usually double and often quadruple during the high season to meet the increased demand. As a result, it is best to check timetables and routes on company websites ahead of time.

You may rent or lease your own boat if you want more freedom over your Croatian island hopping. There are several alternatives available, ranging from little to big yachts. Most rates are provided only for the vessel, and you must account for food, port taxes, and crew tips.

Final Thoughts

A cruise is one of the finest ways to observe and explore Europe. Summer is the busiest season for sailing in Europe. However, if your schedule is adaptable, you may choose to go in the fall and spring when there are fewer tourists. Watch the news in your destination cities, though, and be prepared for cold or wet days.

Also, carry local cash for the places you’ll be visiting in case you want to buy souvenirs or necessities in ports. More importantly, make sure you have all necessary medications as well as non-prescription drugs on hand for the entire trip.