The Norfolk Broads are an almost fantasy-like holiday location for anyone who loves water. Waterways go around and through the city, which you can travel either by boat or by foot. Ever wanted to go to the grocer’s on a luxurious cruiser? If not, here are 10 other reasons one should, for one’s own well being, consider taking Norfolk broads holidays:


  1. The typical view is stunning.

You’ve got fields of grass on one side, clear water on the other and the bright blue sky up above. You are in an infinite box of pure, natural bliss and you will never experience this in the usual cities, or in big holiday resorts. It’s quite rare to look at every side and see equal amounts of beauty.


  1. You can explore by water.

It can only be described as a floating city, and that phrase is the Norfolk Broads in a nutshell. You can travel pretty far on a boat, and experience an entire area from a different perspective.

norfolk boat



  1. You can go as far as you want by water.

As an extension to number three, the broads aren’t going to restrict you with locks, though there may be a couple of bridges only the smaller boats and sail under. Otherwise, knock yourself out, but please keep your arms and legs inside the floating vehicle at all times.


  1. It still has an actual, regular city in it.

If you don’t want to navigate too far from civilization, Norfolk with be able to accommodate for those who want to get their feet back on the ground. Land lovers need not fear the Norfolk Broads, as the city is a living compromise.


  1. If you like boats..

You will be spoiled for choice. From huge cruisers to smaller water vehicles, you can traverse the waterways any way you want to.


  1. And if you like fishing..

The place is surrounded by and run through with water. You can certainly expect to have both marine life and the fishing community thriving there.


  1. Water sports are both common and encouraged.

A lot of people want to keep active even on holiday, excluding the travel effort. If there ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, there are certainly rivers wide enough here for you to get your fill of water sports. Sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, the works.

norfolk sailing


  1. You can find cool wildlife about.

The Norfolk Broads is a National Park, protected by the city. There are not a lot of wetlands of this size and degree anywhere accessible, so you will find some interesting creatures here.


  1. Accommodation is top class.

The place is a very popular holiday location for a lot of people, and you won’t often see places quite like it. To keep up with the demand, accommodation is stepped up, and you’ll find both inexpensive and luxurious places for any taste.


  1. The food is amazing.

Seafood is obviously the main fare here, and as one can expect from a city with huge waterways, they have gotten pretty good at cooking it. Of course, you won’t only find seafood here, so no one will be left out.