Ah holidays, they’re great, aren’t they?  Exploring new places, creating memories and spending time with the people you love, so it may surprise you to hear that 1 in 3 people in the UK don’t take their full holiday entitlement, why? Perhaps they’re rushed off their feet at work, money is tight, or they feel they just aren’t entitled to take a break. This ‘constantly on’ state can have detrimental health effects and, in the long-run, lead to severe burn-out and fatigue. So what can we do to stop this from occurring? First identify whether you need to take a break, be honest with yourself, if you resonate with any one of the points outlined in the infographic below, perhaps it’s time to book some annual leave.

Next it’s time to book your holiday, I know you could stay at home but in reality you know you’d end up doing those household chores… I’d recommend a short escape away to the city, perhaps a weekend at a seaside cottage? Wherever you choose to go you’ll be surprised how refreshed and raring to go you are when you get back to your regular routine.