Headed away this year for sure, but still not sure as to where exactly? It can sometime be near impossible to settle on one destination, especially when you are booking the holiday for the whole family. But here’s one place you may not have considered – Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This is why this place is the best place you’ve never heard of.


One thing is guaranteed, if you and your family like scenic views, and awesome architecture (both modern and ancient), then Yogyakarta has exactly what you have been looking for. This city is in very close proximity to the Borobudur and Prambanan temples, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Both of these temples are amazing in their own right, and are a true “bucket list” check mark for anyone that enjoys these kinds of attractions.



The climate in Indonesia is warm the year round. April is the hottest month to visit Yogyakarta. However, with the climate being tropical / monsoon in nature, the seasons are wet and dry. Any time April to November is great to visit, if it is sunshine that you seek. The remaining months are usually wet, but it never gets cold here. Which is very convenient if you cannot obtain annual leave from your employment during the summer months, as you can still have a holiday in Indonesia later on in the year, and still enjoy perfect weather.


Getting All Booked Up:

Doing some online research is vital to any holiday abroad. So say for example, you have found the ideal hotel to stay at, such as Whiz Hotel Yogyakarta. You’d like to book here, and flights at the same time, but this is where it all starts to get very confusing. That’s where a visit to http://www.traveloka.com/ comes in very handy. Experts in their field, they can arrange this for you instantly, with minimal fuss. Leaving you more time to get down to what really matters – planning out what to do while in Yogyakarta!

Activities When You Get There:

As already mentioned, a visit to the temples is something that everybody should try and get in while in Yogyakarta. But what else is there to do while there? Well, anything you can set your mind to really. If museums are your thing, there are many for you to visit. Prefer a bit of shopping to while away the hours? No hassle at all – there are many malls for you to go and rid  yourself of that disposable income in! Something that is essential also while there is to try out local cuisines. Indonesia is known the world over for its cuisine, and things like Nasi Goering and Guleg are best enjoyed when served up at source – you won’t find fresher.

This is just a bite sized snapshot of what you can expect from your trip to Yogyakarta. The destination of a lifetime is waiting.