Going travelling for a couple weeks, or even longer, is amazing. Getting to really discover a place and exploring it is a pleasure almost totally neglected by standard tourism, with the typical two weeks in a resort filled with fellow English people being depressingly common. However, let’s not pretend backpacking, staying in hostels, or even just moving around for long periods isn’t exhausting, stressful and wearing.

What can you do to truly relax, fix yourself up and get a little healthier after travelling for a while? Well, I’d say the ultimate solution is a spa break. A couple of days receiving treatments like massage, facials and eating healthily is pretty specifically going to deal with those travelling aches and pains, the wind and surf beaten skin, the bad convenience diet, and get you feeling fit, attractive and healthy again.

What? You don’t want to head to the spa because you’re a guy? Spas are for men and women nowadays. There’s no reason not to take full advantage of a great experience simply because of your gender, and you should be comfortable enough in your sexuality and gender to simply enjoy yourself.


Travelling is stressful. There’s no doubt about it, spending long hours and days in planes, cars, boats, all cramped into grubby, germy environments, eating cheaply produced yet expensively priced convenience food, and barely getting any exercise is the perfect storm for getting you stressed and sickly. That’s not even taking into account the stress of something going wrong, like struggling to find your accommodation. Here are some things you can do to dodge stress while travelling though.

Stress is so unhealthy. It’s been linked to tons of different conditions and illnesses, from sleeplessness, weight gain and hair loss, to high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks, in the long term. It’s simply not good for you. Spa days help deal with stress, easing it out of your muscles, and accommodating healthy activities known to boost your mental state and relax you. Why should all that be just for women, especially while you’re on your travels?


Whether it’s the event of the metrosexual in the late 2000’s, or a more progressive attitude towards gender and sexuality in general, more and more men are enjoying spa days, and if you spend any time enjoying a quality spa retreat, you’ll see plenty of other guys there too. A quality spa location can include treatments like massage, sauna, skin treatments, healthy, quality foods, gyms and great local attractions. Who doesn’t all that appeal too?

If you need slightly more reassurance than that, or aren’t too much of a trailblazer, then there are a number of spa days out there tailored specifically towards men, so you can be sure you’re not on your way to get your nails painted and eyebrows done. There are tons of deals and vouchers to be found online too, so if you’re on your way back from your travels, or simply looking to unwind and relax, booking a spa retreat could be a great, relatively cheap and rewarding experience.