Whether you’re looking for something romantic to do with your partner for Valentine’s Day, an upcoming anniversary, or just as a special treat, then why not consider a UK road trip? This might not be the first thing to pop into your head, but with such variety of options available this is sure to make a better impression than just a box of chocolates.

There’s a few things you’ll need to have in place though to ensure this is the perfect getaway you want it to be; so read on to find out just what it is you need to do.

A fancy car

Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a large, deluxe and comfortable motor, you can always make your road trip a bit more exquisite by hiring a car to drive on your journey instead. Just imagine how impressed your partner will be when they see that they’ll be riding in style!

The right route

With the right car, comes the right route. Here in the UK we’re fortunate enough to have a number of fantastic roads to drive on, that take in some breath-taking scenery. Needless to say really, but travelling along some of these will certainly score you top romance points. For a little inspiration, you can find some great suggestions in this post by Start Rescue.

The stops on the way

If you’re looking to make your journey complete then you should stop by at any interesting sights that happen to be on the way. Better still, a quick look through the Michelin Guide will point out some of the country’s best restaurants and hotels en route. So why not splash the cash and treat your partner – and yourself – to some amazing fine dining and accommodation?

Some added extras

While the aforementioned box of chocolates might not be the most impressive specimen by itself, you can turn on the charm by contacting the car hire or accommodation you’re intending to visit, and having them leave some ready for your arrival. Or how about really pushing the boat out and hiring a chauffeur to drive you through the romantic roads?

Naturally, the finer details of what you actually do on your road trip will be determined by your budget. You can of course pick and choose from the above, it might be you just drive your own vehicle around some picturesque routes for the day, or perhaps drive to your destination for a delicious meal. The choice is yours, but either way you’re sure to have a romantic and unforgettable time your partner will love.