Going on a trip with a loved one for the first time is no laughing matter.

With any vacation plan, you need to think about where you want to go, how you’re getting there, and how much you can spend to do it. When travelling for the first time with your partner, there’s a whole new layer of factor to consider – if you want to be dating after the end of the trip, that is.

Here’s what you need to know before you hit the road (or get on a train or plane).

Road trip Style. You might have travelled far in wide by driving a car before, but if it’s the first time with your partner, you have no idea what he/she’ll do in the car. Maybe you’re a get-there-as-fast-as-possible/rest-stops-are-for-sissies sort of traveler.

That’s okay – unless your partner has a big appetite or a tiny bladder. So set rules beforehand. Just how many steps can you make, how long can you linger at each other, and how far apart is acceptable. Better yet, prepare a sauvignon blanc from Advintage before your big trip. Wine could be a redeeming factor for any journey.

Vacation Activity Goals. Even if the both of you agreed on a destination, say, Hawaii, you can’t assume that you want the same thing out of the vacation. You may want to hike, zip line, seek adventure in other ways. Your fellow traveler may prefer lazy days lounging on the beachside. Of course, it’s perfectly reasonable to give time for both, but you’ll want to know this in advance, lest you argue and spend your time moping and doing nothing.

Accommodation Room Size. Small rooms can be romantic, or claustrophobic depending on your personality. If either of you trashes while sleeping or fills an entire travel bag with toiletries, a small room with a small bed and bathroom probably won’t be enough. You can opt for a larger room, even if it means going home a little sooner than expected so you can afford the trip.

Technology Restrictions. Does one of you can’t stand when the other whips out their smart phones during dinner? That sentiment will be stronger while you’re away together. It may not be much of a vacation if one of you is constantly communicating with someone in the workplace. So agree on guidelines, like using your phones only once or twice a day for checking emails and updating social media profiles.

Food Considerations. You may be dying to take a bite at the local fare at your destination. Your partner, on the other hand, may only want to eat what she’s used to. And because food is a pretty big part of any getaway, you’ll want to know exactly what’s on the menu. As with anything, concession is key, but a meat-and-potatoes fan shouldn’t be expected to abruptly turn into a sushi fan simply because you’re in Japan.

There you have it! Traveling with your loved one for the first time can either be a grand expedition to remember or a trip to loathe for the rest of your life – it’s what you make it. Go and have fun!