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It might sound like a difficult task but it’s easier than you think to keep your kids entertained on ski holiday. There’s more to do than just skiing at a ski resort, and plenty of fun to be had as a whole family. The French Alps are an excellent destination for a family ski break with plenty of action both on and off the slopes and home of some of the greatest ski resorts in Europe.

More and more resorts are thinking of ways to entertain the non-skiers who come to enjoy what else the alpine towns have to offer. It’s possible to go to a ski resort and never set foot in a pair of skis, which means non-skiing kids have plenty of choice when it comes to alternative activities.

Kids Clubs and In Chalet entertainment

If you want to make sure your little ones are entertained whilst you are skiing then why not enrol them in a kid’s club or child minding service. Some tour operators who specialise in family ski holidays offer some great ways to keep the kids entertained whilst you are on the slopes.

In La Plange there are Chalet stays that include in Chalet childcare and also Board games, puzzles, soft toys, books and more all found within your accommodation.

Cookery classes

A new way to spend time together and a fun way to learn too, is to take a family cookery course. In Les Gets there’s a chocolate making course which is open to children of five and over. Make your own chocolate masterpieces and make it a holiday to remember with the kids learning skills that they can take home with them.

Ice Skating

A classic winter sport for the whole family to enjoy. Most larger family resorts will have an ice rink, be that indoor or outdoor and it is sometimes an activity that is included in your family package holiday. It’s an easy sport to get into too and it won’t take long for all of the family to be speeding around the rink. Skates are provided in a range of sizes so swap your shoes and away you go! You might even get the change to take part in a skating disco or children’s party on the ice.

Dog Sledding

If your family love dogs, then you will all love to try dog-sledding. Don’t worry, the dogs love hard work, running and pulling the sleds, that’s what they were created for! Some tours will even show you how to care for the dogs and your family can learn about the history of using dogs in the snow, as well as take you along for the ride. If you want to take a dog sledding ride during your break then it’s a good idea to book early, especially in peak season when places are limited.


This can be the perfect activity to do with younger kids especially those who are not able to ski.  This is much like sledding but a bit bouncier! Steer the tube down the slopes and see who gets to the bottom first. Tubing is usually done as an organised activity and in non-skiing areas can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone

Snow Play

You might find a specially designed snow play area in your ski resort. This is a great place for children to enjoy playing in the snow, throwing snowballs, mini sledges, building snowmen and anything else you can think of to do in the snow.

Exploring the area

You don’t always have to have a particular activity in mind. It’s nice to have some free time to explore together and see what you discover. You might want to take a walk or hike around the local area and spot birds and other wildlife on a trail. Or you could wander around the resort centre and do some shopping and try the local restaurants, or plan where you will eat your dinner.

Visit a museum

You might find interesting and quirky museums in your resort such as the mechanical music museum in Les Gets. Here you can learn about the history and operation of phonographs, gramophones and jukeboxes, there’s a traditional music workshop and musical toys to discover. Or you can learn about the history and traditions of La Plagne in the Pierre Borrione Museum. This features an exhibition that takes you from the Neolithic period, all the way to the present day.


A fun and thrilling activity for older children and adults. Sliding down the track twisting and turning as you ride through some wonderful scenery. Lots of resorts in the French Alps have a tobogganing run such as Speed Mountain in Les Bruyères. Here you can try to beat the mascot Boukty as you ride down the 1000m run unusually set on rails.


You can take family snowshoeing guided tours in resorts where professionals will take you through some spectacular scenery. The shoes can take a bit of getting used to, especially for children, but with a bit of practice you will be walking steadily and easily on snow in no time. If you are confident then snow shoes can also be hired at most resorts to take out on your own. Before you go out without a guide, double check the weather reports, only follow a designated trail and tell someone the trail you are taking to keep yourselves safe.

Indoor Cinema

Most large resorts have a cinema where a range of films are shown. It can be a good way to keep kids entertained and relaxed after a long day of activities or even just on a bad weather day. Remember to check what language the films are being shown in, the certificates and show times before you go. In the French Alps, you should find films shown in both French and English, or there may be subtitles. Make sure you choose the right one!

Activity centres

To spend some time having fun indoors, multi entertainment centres have so much for the family to enjoy. There’s bowling alleys for some friendly competitive fun for all ages. Rock climbing walls to test your skills and find out who is the quickest to make it to the top. And if the outdoor activities haven’t tired you out enough why not try some badminton, basketball or other indoor sports? So you see, you don’t even have to step foot in the snow to keep the family entertained on a ski holiday!

Have you heard enough?

Well there are an amazing twelve different activities and things to do to keep the children entertained all day every day during a family ski break. Between your time on the slopes you won’t have to worry about anyone in the family getting bored, it’s almost impossible. Taking kids and beginners who won’t be spending very much time of the slopes on a ski holiday is definitely worth it. There are so many other ways to enjoy your family holiday together.

Have you taken your children on a ski holiday? What do you do to keep them entertained during your trip?