Tel Aviv is the second largest city of Israel. It has the largest metropolitan area and it is home to most of the foreign embassies. It is a rapidly growing city. Tel Aviv is the cultural and commercial headquarter of Israel. It is a very safe city to visit but one has to beware of suspicious packages in public places. The overall environment is friendly so as the police. Crime rate is also under control in this city.

It is also a tourist attraction especially for those who love to visit beaches. The means of transportation are of good quality in the city for the fact that it is a capital city. From the rest of the world, one can fly to Tel Aviv for the sake of his own business. Flights to Tel Aviv is available from almost all parts of the world so just plan your visit, grab your ticket and enjoy yourself.

Tel Aviv has long, hot and humid summer. Most of the people go there to enjoy the summer vacations. It is known as the “Miami of the Middle East” because of its stunning beaches, world class nightlife with some of the most beautiful people. It is also a city of culture and also known for its art and cultural festivals that makes it the hot cake for every sort of tourist.

Some things for tourists


It is the most picturesque part of the city and a heaven for the tourists. It may take an entire afternoon of you to have a go at it. It is regarded as one of the earliest ports of the world with history going back to four thousand years. On either side of Yafo’s stone cobbled alleys you can find art galleries, old-fashioned bakeries, and antique shops. The markets are also worth gold and you need to have a go at them. The best time is in the morning if you want to have a visit. Don’t forget to go to Abu Hasan to try some of their hummus, known for being Israel’s best  just be prepared for the long line.


Known as the capital of nightlife, it provides you one of the best experiences of nightlife. Everything one can desire about nightlife is available here. There are many clubs and bars which offer different deals to the visitors. Some clubs are for older crowds but the rules are not too strict especially in case of a tourist and a girl. The party demands you to be ready for a late night experience. The parties usually start at midnight and just go through it.

The clubs are very popular and for every person according to the taste he possesses are present. Some of the biggest names include TLV Club, Clara, with its electro music and tikki hut bar, and the open-air spot Galina.


Travelling to Tel Aviv is not an issue. You can have different sort of flights to it. Flights to Tel Aviv are available either direct or connecting but the important thing is that Tel Aviv always welcome its visitors with open hands.