A lot of what easily passes for technological advancements these days isn’t really technology in the true sense of the term since technology is meant to make our lives easier and help us complete a certain range of tasks in the most efficient way possible. To put it quite bluntly, a selfie-stick should never be referred to as tech, but there are range of some useful tech gadgets all travellers should have in their luggage.


Taking your Smartphone along perhaps goes without saying because for many of us, our Smartphone’s screen is indeed a window into our entire lives. With some astute deployment and the right combination of apps (some built-in) however, your Smartphone could truly enhance your trip, acting as a GPS device, a translation tool, a map or route visualiser, and your greatest source of information with regards to the best dining spots, drinking holes, and even where to stay, etc. You can check the weather and plan activities accordingly and you can pretty much just tap into a mobile source of endless information. You can book your return ticket too.

An E-Reader

Your Smartphone could very easily double-up as an e-reader, but save your Smartphone for “survival” type functions. Besides, an e-reader is specifically built for the purpose of effectively taking your entire book collection with you on holiday. You might plan on exploring the outdoors and immersing yourself in the local culture, but you never know when the perfect setting presents itself with the need for a good book being the ultimate cherry on top, or you might want to make reference to that travel guide you knew will come in handy one day.

A Digital Camera

As is the case with an e-reader, your digital camera’s functiofns could very well be catered to by your Smartphone. Again, save your Smartphone for the more essential parts of the trip and use a purpose-built device for its intended purpose of snapping beautiful holiday pics and perhaps shooting some videos. A digital camera’s battery power tends to go further anyway and passers-by appear to be much more comfortable snapping your pics with a digital camera as opposed to your Smartphone. A mid-range digital camera has better resolution than the best camera in the best Smartphone too, so a digital camera is essential.

A Wireless Charger

Well it still has to be plugged into a wall socket or equivalent power source for you to be able to charge your Smartphone or other device, but between flicking through the travel memories you’ve snapped so far and perhaps passing some down-time playing no deposit slots at houseofbingo, using a wireless charger can be very convenient for frequent travellers. As useful as all your gadgets may be, they’re of no use to you if their batteries are dead and trust me, for some reason gadgets seem to plough through their battery power at supercharged rates when you’re out on the road. A wireless charger’s true power resides in its ability to charge a number of different devices, so you’re essentially just packing one adapter for all your devices and saving on some precious luggage real estate.