Your wanderlust and love for travelling undoubtedly benefit you in a number of different and profound ways, but perhaps one of the not-so-obvious benefits of planning and organising each next trip is the development of your budgeting skills. More importantly, you learn how to look at something and analyse its cost against its true value, especially if some of your travels take you across borders and over oceans and you have to deal with currency conversions and the like. The development of this ability to better evaluate just about anything can also be used to unleash the full power of your mobile phone when you travel, particularly if you’ve found yourself wondering whether or not your Smartphone was indeed just an overpriced social networking contraption.

Connect to the Cloud

Link your Smartphone to a secure cloud-storage service and what was previously limited storage space suddenly becomes unlimited. You can then snap away happily and capture getaway memories to your heart’s content and never have to worry about running out of storage capacity.

Use Battery-Saving Mode

Different makes and models have different names for the equivalent of your phone’s economy-mode, which you must make full use of to extend the battery life of your phone. What you’ll essentially be sacrificing while using economy mode are features like automatic updates and extended screen illumination, a good exchange for some extra battery life if you ask me.

Complete Pre-Trip Installations and Updates

If there are any apps you need to download and install or indeed if there are any updates you have to run, complete those before your departure so that you don’t have to waste your precious holiday time on tasks that take some time away from your trip. This also applies to internet-dependent services such as a destination-specific app or even an entertainment service like a mobile bingo gaming site. Visit here for free bingo you can sign up to right now and then enjoy later while you’re on the road.

Use Destination-Specific Apps

Mobile internet perhaps adds an infinite amount of value to any Smartphone, but connecting the normal way to get information about your destination and things to do around your holiday base can be very wasteful. You don’t know how much data you’ll use or how much your roaming charges will be. Instead, try to download and use destination-specific apps, like perhaps one which was developed by the hotel or resort you’re staying in. Those types of apps tend to be tailored with more details that are specifically helpful to their guests, like listing nearby attractions and sometimes their prices, and even useful tools like interactive maps with route-planning and cost-estimating features.

Used correctly, what is otherwise just another Smartphone with all the basic smart-device features can really be turned into the ultimate traveller’s companion. This is where and how you’ll start to realise just what you spent your money on. You’ll see your Smartphone for what it is; way more than just a costly social networking device.