Travelling does not only mean going to new places, visiting the renowned and popular tourist attractions, eating at exotic restaurants and getting back home. People often make travel plans and decided date by date where to go, what to visit and what to do and then when to come back. Often it is seen that people travel many places in just one mall vacation. Just visiting a place and coming back only makes one travel miles.

It does not let people experience the place and enjoy. Travelling with free mind can give ne the ultimate pleasure of taking some days off from the regular routine and living in a new place. Travelling must not involve just the historical destination and monuments visit. It should rather be an unplanned visit to some local market or an area where the local people stays and get to gel with then and know how they survive. What are their art, culture and food habits? Travelling or enjoying a vacation is not about eating Chinese in a high end hotel, it is about having the local food at a local stall and experience the love in it.

The dates of travel must be planned but once a traveler reaches a destination, everything must go with the flow. It is not mandatory to visit five places in one day. It is okay if one feels like spending more time at one place. 90 days round the world, memories collected very few! 5 days at just one place and one gets so much to cherish for the rest of the life about that particular place.

Also, it is important to travel with likeminded people. Is it family, friends or spouse, if the person or co- travelers have the same mind set of enjoying rather than just hopping for place to place, the entire journey becomes memorable? For example- f one visits a sea beach then spending time at the beach in it is a sense of relief. The sea water tends to bring in new experiences every day. Some- times there are waves sometime not.

One can go for horse riding near the beach and also go for water sorts and roam around the local market and pick some hand crafted jewelries and other things made out of sea shells. There is no need to explore the entire place in just one day. Experiencing every minute of such places on a vacation is what defines travelling with free mind.

Also, travelling with free mind would surely mean that one leaves all the tension and worries behind at home and office while on travel. People hardly take out time for family and friends in this busy world and if even that small amount of time contains all the worries about the office work, meetings, clients and projects then the entire vacation is nothing but an office away from the regular one. Hence, travelling with free mind is important and must be done in regular intervals to live a happy life. For all debt related issues you can check out for credit card consolidation and get peace of mind.