One of the biggest secrets any honest traveller will ever share with you is that of how it’s best to plan things well, well in advance. No matter what it is and going beyond the travel industry just to get better deals, if you plan well ahead then you reduce a lot of unnecessary pressure which can seemingly pop up out of nowhere.

So-called travellers’ housekeeping goes beyond just taking stock of things like when and where you’re going to go next and how to take advantage of things like low-season trips that will effectively give you a lot more value for what you pay for them. In the spirit of planning well in advance as a matter of habit, by the time Christmas comes around everything has likely already been prepared, for instance if we’re going to go on a road-trip then we have everything planned out to the finest detail. While it is indeed possible to quickly run through all the preparations required to get your car in order for a Christmas trip, it’s much, much better to get everything organised in good time so that you can adequately deal with any nasty and expensive surprises which could really put a damper on all the plans.

So, what exactly are the pointers to consider when preparing your car for Christmas, which just by the way doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be going on a long road trip?

Drawing inspiration from the true essence of what the MOT is all about

I’m proud to say that I always wear my seatbelt as part of practicing the requisite safety measures that come with the responsibility of being a driver, mostly because of an encounter I had with a traffic officer who instead of slapping me with a hefty fine for not wearing my seatbelt once, he gave me an hour-long lecture about how the seatbelt is referred to as a safety-belt and not a traffic-officer belt because it’s for my safety as the driver. I suppose it really does outline how important it is to have safety precautions in place and ensuring you get your seatbelt repaired if it is broken, check this out for an example. So in the same spirit of looking at the safety aspects of a vehicle and seeing them for what they truly are, I would encourage anybody who is preparing their car for the festive season to look beyond the compliance aspect of the likes of the MOT test and subsequent certification.

It’s about more than just making sure you meet the requirements. If your car passes an MOT test with flying colours then that only serves as an advantage to you, both in the long and short terms.

Putting your tyres through their paces to ensure their fitness and compatibility to drive on what can be some dewy roads of the likes of Northampton during the festive season goes beyond the face-value of ensuring this compatibility. Tyres that are fitted properly and inflated just right to match your vehicle and the conditions will last longer, which means less tyre changes for you and some nice savings in the money you spend to maintain your vehicle.

You don’t even need to take anything upon yourself really. I mean that’s why the likes of Calmac Tyres Autocentre exist. Experts such as these are worth making the trip to, to cover aspects you might not readily think about yourself, such as wheel alignment (for a smoother ride that preserves the stability of the car’s body), air-conditioning (which caters to both heating and cooling, but is perhaps more important for the heating aspect at this time of the year), etc.

If you drive into one of these testing centres and pretty much ask to have all the requirements of MOT compliance covered, take note of what they pay special attention to and you can then ensure to cover everything each time you have to prepare your car for a season such as Christmastime.

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