The United States are no longer associated with endless visa applications, expensive flights and countless obstacles on your way there.

America has turned into the place where dreams come true, full of cities that never sleep, home of the Big Apple, the legendary Yankees, breathtaking mountain tops and gorgeous beaches. And all of this – at the tip of your fingertips!

Because in this digital era and amount of world-travelers, eager to discover, it has never been easier to travel to the States!

Finding cheap flights

The flight problem has been a serious one for a year, due to unaffordable prices. Well, this problem is no more. Finding budget flights is much easier than it looks. You just need to follow some simple guidelines, such as:

  • Use one of the following websites to search for the best price:

Skyscanner; JetRadar; Kayak; AirFare Watchdog.

These are webs that specialise in finding low-cost flights – one of the tools, which will most definitely make a change!

  • By using the quoted websites above, identify the cheapest day to fly

The price of any flight always depends on the day you are planning to leave. You will notice that in some cases flying on a Tuesday can be up to twice cheaper than flying on Friday. Always research!

  • Find the cheapest destination

Many times you might want to go straight to New York, without considering the fact that landing in Chicago might cost two times less! Furthermore, national rail lines are far cheaper than any international flight. You will have many options of reaching New York from there. Isn’t this the aim of every travel? To actually see the most you can see and learn the most you can learn?

  • Verify whether paying in your home currency is the best option

If you are not an  international finance freak – it is probable you haven’t thought about it. But pay attention, especially if you have easy access to more than one currencies: Often paying in a foreign currency might be cheaper than paying on your own.

These are a few tricks and tips to help you stay alerted, conduct better research and save money while flying!

Moving on to the second most important part of a journey – the accommodation.

Finding cheap accommodation

Couchsurfing and AirBnB have become not just popular but actually trendy when it comes to cheap travels. And why not? Meeting new people, going out with the locals, discovering all the secret places of a famous city, escaping the tourist crowds – all of this made possible thanks to the welcoming hosts and open-minded travelers.

Following are the top websites to visit:

  • Couchsurfing – an online platform where travelers can find hosts and confirm their stay, directly from the platform! Once confirmed, you will have a free couch/bed to sleep on, during the agreed period. What better way to save money than not spending a dime?
  • AirBnB – a slightly most expensive version (it’s not free). However, AirBnB offers opportunities like nowhere else – travelers are now enabled to book not just rooms but whole apartments if they wish, at a price much more reasonable than any hotel and rooms much more comfortable than any motel.

Just with these two suggestions, you will be equipped with a whole arsenal of options, starting from free to cheaper than any hotel. Remember that staying at the best room should be the objective of any trip!

Immersing yourself in the culture, seeing the city from the inside, trying all the hidden local places and having an unforgettable experience with new friends from all over the world! This is what a journey is all about.

Now, let’s get to serious part – all foreign nationals are required a travel authorization document to enter the States. The typical visa application usually implies long processing times, expensive application costs, endless document collection and interview preparation.

Don’t be scared! This is a nightmare, yes, but there is a way to wake up from it:

ESTA – Electronic System for Travel Authorization

ESTA is a Travel Authorization under the Visa Waiver Program. This program allows citizens of 38 countries to enter the States and skip all visa applications. Making an ESTA registration is easier than you think! By simply entering your personal data and answering to a number of Yes or No questions, the whole process will be completed in no time (under 10 minutes per applicant)! All applicants will receive an answer within 72 hours. The approved ESTA will be sent by email.

Those who wish to check their ESTA status, after having applied, can do so easily from the very same web.

One of the most common questions asked is “How long is an ESTA valid for?”.

To skip all doubts and misunderstanding, we are presenting you all relevant information on the matter:

ESTA is valid for two (2) consecutive years. During this time you can enter the States multiple times, with the only restriction being: each trip should not last longer than 90 consecutive days.

Applying for an ESTA is much faster, actually, should not even be compared to making a standard visa application.

“What about the price” you might ask, the price of an ESTA comes up to less than a third of what you would pay to have all documents prepared, translated into English (in case English isn’t your native language), the visa processing fee and the interview fee.

One question: Do you want to travel cheap?

Hopefully, this article has made you come one step closer to your adventurous plans.