Whether you want to travel to a tropical paradise or witness a clash of cultures, a travel bucket list has all the places you can go. Swallow your fear and embark on the biggest travel adventure of your life! Forget hotels and flight tickets and check into one of these bucket list destinations for a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. Travel on over again. Each bucket list destination offers a unique vacation experience guaranteed to amaze, relax and energize you.

Swim in every ocean and sea. From the exotic to the bizarre, from the pristine to the dangerous, a travel bucket list has it all! Visit as many of the world’s best beaches. Dive into the coldest and most exciting swimming pools you have ever seen. See the spectacular underwater world from the safe confines of your luxury diving boat. Walk down the beach with a sun bath and take a dive into the peaceful blue waters to discover the beauty beneath.

Go to every country. A travel bucket list can take you through every country in the world. Travel to each and every historical, cultural and political treasure that your eyes can see. Feel the tranquility as you explore every city and town with a focus on its people and places.

Take a desert safari. There are two things you have to do when you visit a desert: walk in the sand and climb a Great Wall of China. A great wall is a great wall. But a sand dune walk is even better. Walk through the endless dunes in search for ancient artifacts and ancient wall carvings. Discover the beauty of this incredible landscape and get a bucket list recommendation to make the next desert safari even more exciting.

Head for northern lights. The northern lights are one of my favorite sights in the world. If you want to be the first to experience this once in a lifetime experience, plan your bucket list trip to Chiang Mai Thailand. Drive through the magnificent mountains of northern Thailand. Walk to the edge of Chiang Mai’s southern edge, where you will be treated to an amazing view of the night sky. Walk home and discover the astounding scenery.

The Taj Mahal is one of my favorite sites on my bucket list. I love to spend a couple of days enjoying the beautiful colors of sunrise and sunset in the Taj Mahal. Discover the legendary architecture of this legendary monument by following my recommendation above. You will be one of few people who experience the beauty of this iconic site while still staying within your budget. For these reasons and more, plan your next holiday and add any one of these incredible recommendations to your itinerary.