The Continent may have its sun, sand, and sea, America may have its big tourist attractions, but there is quite simply nothing like a day out or a holiday in Britain when the sun is shining or the autumn leaves are falling.

Britain has so much to offer

There are few countries in the world that can offer the wealth of history, a variety of terrains, picture-book countryside and world-class cities in the same way Britain can. Because Britain has such a diverse heritage, it does not even matter if you are looking for something to do when the day is overcast or it is in the dead of winter. Britain is always open.

Heritage sites

The Tower of London

The Tower of London

One thing Britain has plenty of is history and the wonderful thing is that much of it is still standing. London has a plethora of historic sites worth visiting. Perhaps the most popular historic attraction is the Tower of London, where you can walk through one thousand years of history, enjoy hands-on experiences and sample typical British grub. If you are in the countryside, why not visit the home of the nation’s greatest Briton, Winston Churchill? His Kent home, Chartwell, is packed full of memorabilia from the Churchill family, set amidst rolling countryside and furnished just as Winnie would have known it.

Get active

Mountain biking in North Wales

Mountain biking in North Wales

Fancy a more active day out? Then get your bike out for a bike ride through one of the country’s many parks and forests. If biking is not your thing, yet you still want to experience the picturesque countryside and fresh air on offer, put on your sensible shoes and take a country walk, then stop for lunch at a country pub. Many of the heritage sites in the countryside have parkland and forests attached, so you could even combine a visit around a historic home with a bracing walk or bike ride.

Al fresco dining

If you enjoy the chance to do something simple, try the original al fresco dining .Just remember to include a blanket to sit upon and pack a wicker hamper with food and drink to enjoy an old-fashioned British picnic. Keep the food typical British fare, such as pork pies and chicken, to stay with tradition, but make it a little extra special by taking along a bottle of champagne, with some champagne glasses, of course.

Sporting occasions

strawberries and cream

If you like sport, then during the summer you could always try a day out at the world’s premier tennis tournament, Wimbledon. This is a sport and a location that has retained its essential Britishness, and even if you are not lucky enough to get a ticket to the Centre Court, you can still camp out on Henman Hill and tuck into delicious strawberries and cream. If you want to get sporty yourself during the winter months, keep a lookout for open-air ice-skating events.

Britain really does have so much to offer the family looking for a fresh and invigorating way to spend the day, so turn the TV off, grab the kids, and do what Britons do best – get out there.