The lovely state of New York is chalked full of many valuable historic attractions. When visiting this state you would be wise to take a few days to take in all that this remarkable place has to offer. Although there are numerous attractions outside of this glorious city, for the sake of keeping this article informative and concise we will confine this article to solely the inner city.

Times Square

The most iconic landmark in this fine city. It is where the great New Year’s Ball drops and also the most well known area of the city. If you are looking for a place to go explore or simply a wonderful place to take the family, this place has it all. From designer shops, to street performers on every block, this is certainly a fun place to be.

Central Park

An enormous attraction to say the least. Central Park spans 50 blocks encompassing a large portion of the city. Many people have gotten married, held concerts, and even rode paddleboats here. There is essentially endless possibilities waiting for those adventurous enough to explore this vast park.

9/11 Memorial

Opened on September 11, 2011 this memorial commemorates the countless lives lost during the terrorist attack back in 2001. This memorial has become an integral part of America’s history and most definitely is a necessary addition to any vacation to New York City.

Statue of Liberty

When planning a trip to visit the biggest attractions in New York City, you would be crazy not to take a trip to the colossal Statue of Liberty. Still standing since 1886 and one of the best gifts the French ever gave to the United States. This monument is without a doubt one of New York’s most popular landmarks. The view from the top is absolutely astonishing and is certainly one of the best ways to view the city.

High Line

An elevated public green space and walking trail. Formerly a railroad track, now converted into an urban park is a wonderful place to spend any peaceful afternoon. There is plenty of food stands and little coffee shops to keep you just the right amount of hyped up for your New York City experience. With five million visitors annually, you cannot go wrong with this quaint attraction in the heart of downtown Manhattan.

Even though all of these attractions are great, sometimes the best way to view the city is to just sit back and allow a tour guide to do all of the talking. To maximize your New York City escapade and to allow yourself the pleasure of sitting back and enjoying a cocktail or two. The cruise ship around the city is definitely the most memorable way to explore the city and to learn all of the city’s most intimate details. All of these attractions will be sure to show you absolutely everything that New York City has to offer and after this sightseeing tour, you will be sure to want to come back for more.