The Capital of Hungary is a vibrant and dynamic city offering cultural attractions, ancient building, exquisite food, vibrant streets and the killer party scene. It’s of little wonder that it has become the darling of Eastern European culture and cuisine. Budapest is an incredible city that has people returning year after year, and there is definitely always more to see in this beautiful city.However if you only have a limited amount of time in the city- these are the sights that we recommend that you see:

  1. Szechenyi Bath 


This is one of the biggest tourists attraction in Budapest and it is the biggest medicinal bath in the whole of Europe. The bath is made up of two thermal springs and are made up of calcium, sulphate and magnesium which help with sore joints and arthritis. The bath is best visited in the late afternoon when the sun isn’t too hot.

  1. Fisherman’s Bastion 


This is one of the most magical experiences in Budapest and visitors can be forgiven for thinking that they are entering another realm. The large white towers are on the Buda bank and give tourists a panoramic view over the waters of the Danube River. The view from the terrace is exquisite, however for the real stunning scenery pay to go up one of the stone towers and peer out at the river and all its surrounds.

  1. Great Market Hall 


The great market hall is one of the best places to get in on some traditional Hungarian food and drink. Mingle with locals and tourists alike and get a taste for some of the best local fare around. The top floor of the market also sell some very cool Hungarian souvenirs. The hall was built in 1897 and it has an ancient, traditional feel to it and its central location and proximity to the Danube make it easily accessible for all wishing to visit the Great Market Hall.

  1. Parliament 


Budapest has the 3rd largest parliament building in the world and it is definitely worth a visit to see the unusual and interesting architecture of this grand old building. Take a tour around the neo-gothic building and get a look at the Hungarian crown jewels, which have been stolen and given back many time throughout history. The parliament building is also very close to the Danube and this makes it easily accessible and possible to walk around and explore. The best picture of the building can be taken with the Danube in the foreground.

  1. The Streets 


Budapest is one of the most beautiful of all European cities, and the best way to get to know it is simply to explore. The streets are alive with good food, vibrant people and loud music- particularly in the summer. Budapest is famed for its extraordinary nightlife and if it’s a party that you are after then you will find no shortage here and the Budapest nightlife is perfect for stag dos and partying. Walking in summer is one of the best ways to discover Budapest from the ground level and to find hidden gems.