Our lives are so busy we often forget that we need a rest, we need a vacation that will boost up our energy so we can be more productive. Nothing compares to the experience of meeting new people and visiting a new city.

Now that you’ve decided that is time for you to take a vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is: where are you going? Put together the things that you love, like traveling and, let’s say: “Chocolate” and Voil ! You’ve got yourself a sweet holiday. In the next article, you will see what are best 5 locations in the world if you want to get the best chocolate and also visit the greatest cities. Chocolate is known because it makes us happy because it increases the level of endorphins from the brain and this way the stress will be decreased. Whilst these are benefits, there are some health risks associated with eating too much chocolate. Some people have mentioned that they suffer from heartburn after eating chocolate, so people should be wary of how much they’re consuming. If you experience any pain after eating chocolate, it might be worth looking for some heartburn relief at Zantac. Healthy amounts of chocolate should be just fine.

Make memories, enjoy life and don’t forget to be happy!

  1. A Sweet ride in Switzerland

With first class comfort, you can visit the Nestle factory. Sounds yummy, right? With The Chocolate train, you can travel between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory at Broc. Have yourself a sweet ride!

If you choose a vacation in Switzerland, this country is also known for having the best ski resorts in the world. Fun, adventure, friends and good sweets!

  1. Paris, France

Who doesn’t want to travel in Paris, the global center for art, gastronomy, fashion, and culture? Either you’re a fashionista or passionate about art or a gastronomy lover, Paris is the perfect destination for every one of you. You have to visit this popular city at least once in your life.

You can eat sophisticated chocolate, delicious macaroons and you can learn to cook at the prestigious Valrhona’s Ecole du Grand Chocolat. Exquisite chocolate, classy locals, in the most unmissable city in the world. Paris has all of them. Sounds amazing, right?

  1. Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is the most obvious destination for chocolate lovers. If you want to spoil yourself with the world’s best chocolate and visit its fascinating capital, Brussels, Belgium can be your next stop for the well deserved holiday.

If we are going to talk in numbers, only in Brussels you can find about 500 chocolatiers. That is why this city has been called the “Chocolate Capital of the World”. Don’t forget to taste the most amazing waffles in the world if you choose to visit this country from Western Europe.

  1. Italy

The well known Ferrero was founded in Italy, Piedmont, in 1942. Nowadays, the most popular product remains Ferrero Rocher, the delicious chocolate that is loved by the people all over the world. People also love Nutella and Kinder chocolate. In Piedmont, you can find sophisticated cuisine, fascinating views and delectable wine.

If you choose Florence, you will delight your eyes with masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture. Also, dark chocolate should be on your list because in Florence you can enjoy this delicious sweet.

  1. Taste Vienna’s chocolate!

The capital of Austria is the most beautiful place to visit in December. Vienna is known for being a popular place to visit around Christmas, because of its famous Christmas markets and don’t miss the opportunity to taste the Mozartkugel also known as Mozart ball. This small, round ball covered with dark chocolate is a delicious piece of chocolate.

These top 5 World’s best Destinations for chocolate lovers are here to inspire you to visit the most beautiful cities, where you can find the finest chocolate on Earth.

Who doesn’t love chocolate or vacations? If you love both of them, there are some really nice places in the world that are perfect to visit. This is the best way to make your holiday sweeter.