There’s many a budding traveller out there who can’t quite decide what they want to do in terms of the kind of traveling or even where they want to go as some places just aren’t affordable. There are some perks to whatever you choose to do and there are also, as expected, some cons to whatever it is you may choose to do.

However, one of the things that should be up toward the top of your list of choices when it comes to choosing your travel is a road trip. There’s plenty to love about road trips even the planning which in some people’s eyes is the worst, or is just unnecessary which is opening yourself up to potential failure before you’ve even hit the road.

If you don’t have a car yet, it’s worth checking out some cheap used cars online, you don’t want an absolute banger but at the same time, you’ve likely got a budget for this trip so you won’t want to be paying through the teeth for a luxury car and use up the bulk of your budget on that as you’ll probably get some unexpected hiccups and costs along the way like maybe needing to pay for new car tyres after you get a puncture or needing to be rescued from the side of the road if you break down. If you do need to look for a car, check out somewhere like Auto Trader for a good deal (if you’re UK based, I don’t know if they have it anywhere else in the world).

Once you’ve got your car sorted you’ll want to plan your route and if there’s one thing you’re not short of in this world, it’s amazing road trips. From the picturesque and magnificent to the wild and exhilarating, here’s 6 of the best road trips that you can go on in the world.

  1. Stelvio Pass, Italy

This is one place that certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. This road straddles the Swiss/Italian border and with its somewhat notorious wall of 48 hairpin turns it attracts driving enthusiasts from all around the world for the very few summer months that it’s open and the earliest it will be open is June 1st and it’s generally shut come October so you’d better plan your strip well because you won’t want to miss the Stelvio Pass.

  1. Route 66, USA

This is certainly where the “wild” comes into the road trips that you could head out on. Route 66 actually no longer exists as an actual highway but you can still drive sections of it and follow roughly the same path from Chicago to Los Angeles and there’s a great guide here to help you.

One of the big draws of Route 66 is for people to be able to follow the road and see, first-hand, contemporary America with lots of randomly placed, rusty truck stops and neon signs which give you that perfect image of how you imagine America to be. This is a classic and if you’re after a trip to remember, this one will be for you.

  1. The Hidden Highway, England

If you want to get away, but not too far then this is a road trip you should definitely consider. If you’re living in the UK that is. This will take you right along the borderlands of England and Wales where you can experience a rare blend of historical interest, fine scenery and rural life.

The land in this area has been fought over since almost the beginning of history and past dramas have left us with spectacular buildings that are nestling in the countryside and the area has also been blessed with abundant natural beauty. One worth trying out if you’re going somewhere via the UK or if you like to keep it local.

  1. The Ring Road, Iceland

This is one of the most desolate, but beautiful drives in the world and if you were to take a lap of Iceland on Highway 1, dubbed ‘The Ring Road’ you’ll see why. You’re driving through an almost mythical landscape of active volcanoes (don’t let this put you off), glaciers, waterfalls, spouting geysers, geo-thermal pools, more snow-capped mountains than you can count and plenty of iceberg filled lagoons.

On top of all this, don’t forget that you’re likely to see one of the most incredible things you’re ever likely to see in the world… The Northern Lights. This is something that you can hunt every night that you drive and if this is one of the primary things you’re looking for then you should definitely check out this blog post for some great tips before you leave.