Traveling the world can be a very exciting time. Whether you’re traveling across the country to see the Grand Canyon or across the world to see the three valleys in France, you need to plan accordingly. For some people, this means taking a commercial flight and dealing with the public. For others, this means taking a private jet.

While commercial airlines may be a bit cheaper than a private jet, think of the nuances you experience. You need to get to the airport hours ahead of your flight time in order to successfully make it through airport security. You’re then stuck on a crowded plane with little to no amenities. And if you get stuck next to a screaming child, a nonstop talker, or an obese individual, then consider your trip ruined from the moment you take off.

Instead, you can consider hiring a private jet from companies like Jettly (you can click here to learn more about the various private jets available on their site). And while you may think at first that this form of air travel is not fiscally amenable, consider the following benefits before ruling out this form of air travel.


Private jets are cheaper than you think.

Thanks to the abundance of private jet charter companies out there, flying private has gotten cheaper over the years. Charter companies have different packages or programs you can choose from to ensure your trip is cost-effective. For example, if you fly often, you can invest in a package that gives you perks for flying more frequently. If you are traveling only this one time, you can opt to share a chartered jet with another party in order to cut costs.

Private jets avoid security.

When you fly on a chartered jet, you don’t have to arrive at the airport hours early and get frisked by some random TSA agent. Instead, you simply meet the pilot at the designated area or gate and board your plane. You can show up 2 hours or 20 minutes early-it’s up to you. Sometimes, the extra cost associated with a private plane is worth having a stress- and hassle-free experience all around.

Private jets are safer.

Some people believe that private jets are not as safe as commercial airlines, and this is untrue. According to, “A closer look reveals that the operators in the charter industry and the planes that they fly receive numerous safety evaluations since every fractional company is accessing this same pool of charter aircraft and employing their own independent audits.” Since every charter company is performing their own personal audits on planes and on pilots, more safety inspections are done on a regular basis, ensuring optimal safety of all pilots and aircraft. So, in reality, you’ll have a safer flight experience on a private jet than you would on a commercial airline.


Private jets have larger access.

Aside from security, the other headache associated with commercial flying is the limited airport access. For example, to get to certain destinations, you’ll likely have to experience a layover or you’ll need to drive hours to your destination after landing at the closest commercial airport. However, when you fly on a private jet, you have access to more airports in more countries and locations. This means that you can get to your desired destination without having to switch planes, and you’ll be able to land much closer to your destination than you would on a commercial flight. Having this type of worldwide access is extremely beneficial to those doing global business or simply wanting to travel the world.

Private jets are more peaceful.

With a private jet, you don’t have to deal with the public or the crowds. Instead, you can fly by yourself or with a group of your choosing. Plus, jet charter companies will work with you to provide you all the amenities you want. For example, you can have TVs or Wi-Fi access to keep your children entertained for the flight; you can have catered meals served to impress clients; or you can opt for a jet with a bedroom to get some much deserved rest. The possibilities are endless, and they’re much better than flying in a crowded plane with people you don’t know and one package of pretzels.