Are you thinking about a family vacation or a getaway in the near future? If so, you would be highly mistaken if you didn’t have London on your potential list. In fact, did you know that London is one of the world’s most visited cities? With sites like the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and The Queen it really is easy to understand why everyone is eager to pay a visit to the city. However, before you just pack your bags and head to the city here are a few tips that will make your trip more enjoyable. In fact, before everything is all said and done, you will be signing up for a British citizenship.

Be Sure To Get A Visitor Oyster Card

Chances are that you are probably going to have to fly into the city, which will leave you without personal transportation. Unless, you plan on renting a vehicle, you are going to have to depend on public transportation. Before you even arrive in London, you can pre purchase a visitor oyster card. This card almost works like a pre-paid credit card where you can load money on it. Once you have it fully loaded, you will be able to use this card to pay for any mode of public transport, and the best thing is that you will receive discounted rates on transport, at restaurants, and at shops just for using this card. Also, if the card runs out of credit, you can reload it at any station.

Kick Off With A Free Walking Tour

If it is your first time in London, you have to start your trip with a free walking tour. Witty Brits with a comedic side usually guide these tours and they oftentimes hit some of the major hot spots like Buckingham Palace, The House Of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey.

Be Ready For Breakfast

If there is one thing that you can say about British food, it is that they really know how to do breakfast. Anytime you walk into a restaurant and order a British breakfast, you can guarantee that you are going to stay full until lunch. In fact, if you are usually not a breakfast eater, you will probably stay full well passed lunch.

Free Museums With Great Attractions

One of the greatest things about visiting London has to be the museums. Not only can you spend an entire day checking out all the different museums, but also most of them are 100 percent free and offer a wide variety of entertainment options. If you are going to hit up the museums two that do not want to miss are the British Museum and the Natural History Museum. However, you should be weary of the crowds, because there are without a doubt two of the most popular.

The Shard And The Old And Faithful London Eye 

The Shard and The London Eye are two very expensive investments, but if you are going to visit London you cannot miss these two attractions. The Shard probably offers one of the best views that you will ever see in your life.