Traveling with children can be an exciting milestone for your family.  It can be a time to connect and enjoy special moments and create new memories.  While there are plenty of positive aspects to look forward to on your trip which you choose to share with your little ones, there are also plenty of challenges that come along with the experience.

The most important thing to remember is that a trip with children isn’t going to be anything like a trip with just adults.  There will be a lot of compromises, moments of frustration, and a lot of building your day around their entertainment. As long as you remember this you will have a great experience assuming you take into account these simple tips.

Choose a Child Friendly Destination

You will want to make sure that you choose a vacation destination that will not only be enjoyable for you as an adult but also have plenty of entertainment options for your little ones.  This means entertainment attractions, swimming pools, live shows, or any sort of interactive activity that invites children to partake in.

If you choose a destination which has no options for children then not only will they be sulking and grumpy the entire time, but your vacation will suffer because of it.  Instead of expecting to have a normal adult focused trip, remember that children require some extras in order to not go stir crazy.  

Bring Plenty Of Activities

Even if the flight is short or it is only a car ride away you will still need to keep your kids entertained.  Try to think of ways that will keep them engrossed for a while.  If they enjoy building, consider a small lego set.  Or if they particularly enjoy art, try buying a little art kit.

Some parents buy “surprise bags” for young children.  These have a variety of small things inside which the parent introduces in 30-minute intervals.  This way right around the time that the child starts getting restless or bored you can pull something new out to grab their attention.

Stay Patient

First and foremost, patience is one of the most important things not only in a family vacation but for being a parent at all.  Every day is a compromise of what you want to do vs what you know is the best for the development of the child which you are bringing up.

Since you are not dealing with a full grown human being with a completely developed conscience and a set of logic and morals, it is important not to take things to heart.  We were all children once and it is not their fault that they are sometimes irritating.  You should also be patient with yourself for feeling irritated.  It is perfectly normal to have moments where you want to bang your head against the wall.  The important thing is to balance these moments with mindfulness.  Watch your feelings arise, acknowledge them, and let them go.