Buying, wrapping and sending gifts at Christmas can be a chaotic time. If you’re travelling during December then the stress of getting presents to your loved ones safely and on time is tripled. Sadly Santa is often too busy to pick them up on his way round the world so you’ll have to resort to other methods. Here are a few tips for sending parcels at Christmas.

Plan Ahead

Even if you’re not travelling, planning ahead for Christmas is always a wise move. When on the move it is essential. If you’re sending gifts physically by post that you’ve picked up on your travels allow plenty of time as the cut off date for parcels reaching home by Christmas is earlier than at other times of the year. Before your trip think about where you’ll be in late November and how easy sending parcels from that location will be.


Use an International Courier

For more security in sending out your parcels, using an international courier such as TNT Direct is a good option. They have a good track record, are a more secure method and can tailor your delivery to suit the size and delivery time (within reason). Using a local delivery service can be risky depending on where you are and especially if your language ability in that location isn’t great. Deliveries can be ordered easily online with the best quote given.

Order Online

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Combined with planning in advance, ordering gifts online before you go travelling and choosing delivery dates around Christmas eases off lots of stress. This requires being highly organised but if you’ve left it late the internet still has all the answers. Most shopping sites can be accessed from all over the world and orders placed to be gift wrapped and delivered to your friends and family’s addresses. It may lack the personal touch but it’s better than nothing.

Think Outside the Box

Your family and friends may not be expecting anything from you as they’ll know about your escapades, so use this to your advantage. That doesn’t mean be a scrooge and not get them anything though. Instead you could create a bit of a game and email cryptic photos of presents wrapped up in the places you’re visiting, promising they’ll get them when you return. This further builds the excitement and gives you more time (as the presents in the pictures don’t have to be the exact ones you give!).