If you love travelling as much as we do it’s probably because this marvellous world has a lot of secret places still to be discovered and we are sure that all of you share our passion for finding them. That’s why we are writing about one of the most beautiful and mysterious islands of planet Earth: Tenerife.

We are not mistaken when we say that Spain is a country of sharp contrasts. You just need to stop by Galicia and then go down to Andalucía to believe that these regions must belong to two different countries. But that’s what sets places apart: it would be really boring to try to find something unique about one region only to realise that it’s identical to its neighbour, wouldn’t it? And here is where Tenerife comes into play.


Unless you like boredom, which is respectable but not a great quality for intrepid travellers, you must visit this island. Why? Here are our three main reasons, although we could talk for hours about this magnificent little corner of the world:

  • It belongs to Spain but it’s next to the African continent, more specifically in front of Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania. How amazing is that? There you will be able to discover a region which mixes up Spanish culture and its own set of values and habits. In addition, its unique setting and incredible landscapes will make you realise that you’re definitely not in a typical Spanish place. Whether you prefer the mountain or the sea, Tenerife has both within a short distance from each other. Honestly, at how many places can you relax at the beach one day and the next go hiking? If you feel like experiencing something different and enjoying to the fullest your stay in the island, we recommend you to stop by one of the many tourist information offices in Tenerife and ask for the best plans to do and the most mesmerising places to visit.


  • Just food. We believe that Spain offers such amount of high-quality options that there is no wonder why their Mediterranean diet is so valuable. Tenerife is no exception and there you will be able to enjoy some really special dishes such as mojo picón, a spicy sauce usually added to papas arrugadas (unpeeled boiled potatoes), or, if you prefer sweeter tastes, you can indulge in their many desserts or eat some of the famous “plantains from the Canary Islands”.
  • Related to what we previously said about Tenerife’s sea and mountains, this island also has a spectacular and prolific nature, with several parks and green spaces, but also places so dry and desert-like that you may wonder if you suddenly travelled to the Sahara without knowing it. One of the most outstanding parks is “El Parque del Drago”, in Icod de los Vinos, where the well-known millenarian dragon tree is, definitely an area to visit and get lost within its three hectares of nature and peace.

So, if you haven’t booked your holidays yet and are in the mood for new experiences, Tenerife is the perfect destination for you. You will definitely wish to return even before leaving.